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  • Date: Dec 28, 2011
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FloatLED Download
Free Download FloatLED 1.12

FloatLED is a free and super space optimized HD monitoring LED program. One of the few HD LED software on the market that does what it is supposed to do: Show HD activity!

An neat little program that monitors HD activity and shows them as blinking read, write and read/write icons in a mini optimzied floating window to place anywhere on your workspace.

Preferbly on the titlebar. Auto detects whenever a HD is removed or turned on (USB HD's for instance).

It's not propped with options and was never intended to be anything more than a monitoring HD Activity software so it will never be bloated or advanced in the future.

Option to lock the float window once placed.

No CD-ROM, Removable USB Sticks, Network Drives, Floppy Drives or other non-standard Windows HD config are monitored!

What is the use of it?
1: Your regular drive LED on the hardware PC only have 1 LED, meaning you'd never know if there was activity on another partition or physical drive.
2: If your laptop or desktop PC has a defective LED, you are hereby saved by this program.
3: I don't really want to break my neck trying to see activity of the HD located down and right below underneath the table in the dark! We _look_ at the screen, so, naturally HD LEDs should be located there too. Microsoft don't steal my idea for intuition improvements!
4: It's just so cool to have full control of what the OS is doing to our HD's isn't it?.
5: You are remotely positioned away from computer/server setups and can't see or hear the HD working and need to know what's going on.
Does Monitor:
- Physical SATA and IDE HD drives
- Physical USB removable SATA / IDE HD drives
Does NOT monitor:
- CD-ROM / DVD-ROM drives
- Removable USB Memory Sticks, SD memory cards and similar flash based disks.
- Network Drives
- Floppy Drives
- SUBST'd "?:\" drive letters. The "?:\" would not be monitored, but rather the disk is was SUBST'd to.
- Possibly other non-standard Windows HD setups like 3rd party encrypted / compressed volume conf.
Should work as intended in WindowsXP Home/Pro, Win2000, Win2003* and Windows Vista.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this disk management software.

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