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  • Date: Apr 03, 2009
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cladDVD .NET Download
Free Download cladDVD .NET 3.5.7

cladDVD is a DVD Ripper that can pretty much rip any DVD just the way you want it as it uses vStrip for the decryption. cladDVD .NET is a DVD Ripper that can pretty much rip any DVD just the way you want in Windows XP. It can rip files in both DISK mode and FILE mode.

This means you can rip a single file, complete title set or main movie as is, or, even better, initiate IFO Parsing (default) and rip the exact selected ProGram Chain (PGC).

cladDVD XP.NET includes all the extended options like 'Multi-Angles', detection of 'Mastering Errors', 'MacroVision' removal, 'Key-Search' intensities and 'Audio Stream' re-mapping.

cladDVD XP.NET also includes a 'FrameServe' option giving direct control and execution of the DVD2AVI program (included) to aid in the process of converting to a DivX AVI or Video-CD by creating the 'D2V' and 'WAV' file.

cladDVD XP.NET is a .NET application and is also for Windows XP ONLY. Requires Microsoft .NET framework(free).

How to use cladDVD.NET to rip the DVD content to a hard drive?
Step 1: Download and install cladDVD.NET
Step 2: Place the DVD you wish to copy into your DVD drive. If your computer automatically launches the DVD player just stop it.
Step 3: Launch the cladDVD.NET program. Hit the SCAN DVD button and on the tab labeled "PGC Mode [AVI]" it should give you a list of VTS files on the DVD. Highlight the one that looks like the approximate length of the movie.
Step 4: Select the OPTIONS button and choose the destination on your hard drive that you would like to save this temporary file to by clicking on the little animated disk. Be aware that this will likely occupy 3-4GB of space. It can be deleted after we finish the entire process, but for now you'll need that much free space on a hard drive somewhere.

Quick Note:
After cladDVD has finished ripping the DVD to the hard drive remember where you saved it as we'll need it in the next step. Ripping the DVD will take about 15-20 minutes if you have a reasonably new DVD player.

You may notice that AutoGK will rip from a DVD as well and if you want to use it on home made DVDs that's fine, but it won't work on commercial DVDs because it doesn't remove the copy protection. That's why we used cladDVD to start with.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this dvd ripper software.

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