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  • Date: Jun 07, 2009
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Free Download DumpHD 0.61

Decrypt HD DVD and Blu-ray movies and store on your HDD using free programs. Experimental BD+ support. DumpHD is a HD-DVD decrypter based on the idea of BackupHDDVD by muslix64. It uses a key database to decrypt the files. The goal of this program is to make a perfect backup without any traces of AACS. This programm is written entirely in Java and requires the JRE 1.5 or later. It should run on every platform that supports Java. It is HIGHLY recommended to use the Server VM, the Client VM suffers a SEVERE performance drop, almost by factor 1.8.

Two additional support utilities are included:
1. PackScanner: Scans EVO files for pack types and has the ability to "blank" VC-1 / DD+ Secondary Streams for a "IME-Fix".

2. ACAPacker: A tool for packing, depacking and repacking (ACA -> ACA) ACA files, with or without AACS processing,
including a list function to show the contents of an ACA file.

For the BluRay part, there are three important changes from BackupBluRay:

1. The keys for the BluRay movies are stored in the same file as for the HD-DVD movies, KEYDB.cfg
2. The key entry format has slightly changed, it is now consistent with the HD-DVD key format. There is now a key type field and the CPS Unit Keys are numbered like the Title Keys. All up today released CPS Unit Keys have the number 1.
3. The SHA-1 hash of a different file is used as Disc Identifier
This is the most important change, the new Disc Identifier is the SHA-1 hash of the file AACSUnit_Key_RO.inf. This change was necessary because the Disc Identifier chosen by BackupBluRay is not unique per disc, there were already duplicate IDs for different discs.

Key features so far:
1. Dual-Core supported decryption of EVO / M2TS files (for harddisk to harddisk speed records ;o))
2. Support for every pack type of an EVO (including in-place decryption of ADV_PCKs, excluding Sequence Key Sections)
3. Decryption of every ARF protection type
4. Multiple files (currently CLI only) or complete disc mode
5. Usage of a key database to get the decryption keys or direct retrieval of the keys off the source disc
6. Supports HD-DVDs for Standard / Advanced Content (but not both on the same disc), Blu-Ray ROM BDMV
7. Experimental Blu-Ray Recordable support (with multiple CPS Units, BDMV, BDAV with Aux Directories and Thumbnails)
8. Automatic BD+ removal using the BDVM Debugger or manually by supplying a correct Conversion Table (currently CLI only)
9. Streaming output of EVO / M2TS files to stdout
10. Very much console output for free ;o)
11. GUI

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this dvd ripper software.

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