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VobBlanker Download
Free Download VobBlanker

VobBlanker is a tool to blank/remove VTS video titles(like dvd extras), Replace titles with an external one, Strip audio tracks, IFO tables adjusting, including "the famous" TMAPTI, Works per VTS: can process a single VTS, some VTS or the complete DVD.

How to use:
1. Open the VOBblanker software, open the folder where you have your DVD files (VobBlanker supports unencrypted DVD files only) , it will ask you point to the "Video_TS.IFO" file to open. That's the Video Title Set (TS) and contains all the information regarding the DVD (.IFO).

2. Once the file is read, it will Open the Video Title Sets in the DVD (basically the Audio/Video/Menu container files) and have the extention of .VOB. It is important to understand the various contents and the information provided in this screen before we proceed further.

3. Now moving back to VOBblanker, lets select the VIDEO_TS.VOB, its 14 MB and we can save it if we blank it, but wait ..Video_TS.VOB usually is the first play item of a DVD and can contain either a Disclaimer or a Menu. Selecting it does not give any details in the Video Format column and "PGC's in Selected Titleset"(PIST) box at bottom, so we don't fiddle with it for now and move to the next item VTS_01_*.VOB.

4. Right click on the column("01 Entry") in the PIST and select preview & cut
It opens a preview window and if you select "Play" will play the Video contained under this VTS --> PGC. There can be many PGC's but this VTS has only One(see #Cells under PIST). Also if you select the Cell# you will find the number of Cells this Video is divided into. We can also use this screen to "Cut" the unwanted parts of the Video but its beyond the scope of this Guide

5. Now Click on the "Process" button and wait till VOBblanker finishes to blank out the Videos.
Once finished, Open the DVD from the output folder to check for any problems. Now, we will open the Menushrink software and drag the "Output folder" onto the Menushrink screen. If you click the "Advanced Options" button, it will show which menus are processed.
Click on "Process!", the changes are made to the "Output folder " used under VOBBlanker. Check again by playing the Dvd from folder

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this dvd ripper software.

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