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  • Date: Apr 13, 2013
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D2MP Download
Free Download D2MP 4.71

D2MP is a tool to convert AVI movies to DVD. It also supports MPG as input in the D2MP Plus version (PLUS).

D2MP uses to unique features:
- Correct frame rate conversion between formats (PAL 25 fps, NTSC 29.97, NTSC Telecined and
FILM 23.976 fps) for both progressive and interlaced inputs.
- IQA quality detection. Which compares the input video quality and the calculated video output
alerting of probable quality drop after encode.
- Simple menu interface.

D2MP uses several freeware tools configured to assure maximum quality and compatibility.
The tools used (quenc, ffmpeg, avisynth, dvdauthor, mkisofs, and several avisynth plugins) are all
included in the install package.

1. AVI to DVD Conversion
2. Uses complete freeware package for all process
3. Unique Quality measurement and Quality assurance algorithm
4. Perfect conversion between PAL and NTSC formats
5. Subtitle processing (internal rendering algorithm for DVD Standard subtitles);
6. DVD Menu authoring tool
7. Selectable and Permanent subtitles
8. Auto detects interlaced/progressive mode, telecined status and field order
9. Auto detects 4:3, 16:9 (1.85:1) and 2.35:1 aspect ratios
10. 4:3 and 16:9 output
11. Noise reduction option
12. Multi-pass video encoding selection
13. DVD audio language and subtitle language selection
14. DVD Join mode (multiple AVI's to multiple DVD track or multiple AVI's to single DVD track)
15. Auto DVD chapter generation
16. Audio output in mp2 and ac3 (2 channels and 5.1 channels)
17. Audio output auto gain
18. Subtitle output in SRT and STL formats

Requirements: ffdshow

D2MP PLUS has the following additional features when compared to the classic version:
1. Manually change bitrate;
2. Change the audio stream;
3. AVS script review & edit - advanced video option;
4. MPEG input - audio from same mpg, or mpa/mp2/m2a/ac3/mp3/wav with same name, or manually selected from an external file;
5. Full MENU functions available.

D2MP for Windows, the algorithm exploits the excellent MPEG2 encoding "QuEnc" to convert any DivX / Xvid and other AVI files in a perfect DVD-Video, so good speed and video quality certainly acceptable!

You can create your own DVD by entering different types of AVI files (with any frame rate / bit rate), most software of this kind (including fee) do not!

How to use:

1. Click with the right mouse button on the line under Filename and load your video. It is important that you load the file there are special characters such as accented letters, etc.. Otherwise, the end of the process d2mp would crash. If there are special characters, rename the video.

2. Click on Set Paths and choose the folder where you want to save the finished DVD. It 'important to choose a partition where there are many GB of free space. If you have enough space on C:, you can leave everything as is.
Video to audio parameters can be left as is (if you have a very slow processor, you can click on videos and set Config Passes - 1, so as to make only one pass, the poorer the quality, but halving the time).
If you want the subtitle (SRT format), click Subtitles, as in the image below. Rename the subtitle file with the same name of the video, and place it in its own folder. If for example your calling DivX. divx, subtitles should be called divx.srt (and you should be in the same folder as the video).
If you want to select the subtitle superimposed Permanent, otherwise leave Selectable.

3. Click DVDAuthoring, and will see a window.
Near Audio Language and Subtitles language Select IT (or the language of your divx and where are the subtitles).
OPTIONAL: Click on Edit Menu. You'll see a page where you can change the screen of the DVD, nothing earth-shattering or particularly advanced, but it is better if you write the title you do not leave the program (which will use as the title D2MP menu, a name that truly taken only in my worst nightmares).

4. Click Encode and start encoding.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this dvd ripper software.

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