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UIStream Download
Free Download UIStream 1.0.5

Manage multimedia content easily. UIStream was and is being developed to be an application that connects all the multimedia files on all of your computer platforms together .

We know that that is a bold statement, but the current release does a good job on providing that functionality.

If you own an XBox 360, a PS3, a mobile phone, a camera, we can transfer and transform media files between those platforms and the the computer you are reading this help file on (or any other for that matter).

You do not have to worry about having the "right" codec anymore to view that video file. No need to browse and install several applications for your multimedia phone. Connect your XBox 360 or PS3 and stream video, pictures or songs to it. Pop a CD in the cd player and drag that favorite song to your Bluetooth mobile phone. Try it out. It should just work.

UIStream runs on Window's starting from Windows XP. We have tested UIStream on Windows Vista/Windows 7 and run fine on it. Some extra small goodies are also available on the last two Window versions.

The UIStream desktop displays all the media devices found by a rotating icon, and the device name. When a new device is recognized by UIStream (and Window's), a device icon will be added. When a device is removed, the icon will be removed.

Single left-clicking this rotating device icon will open the device and show the device window, where the files available on the device will be displayed.

UIStream supports several media devices, such as the Apple iPod/iPhone's; Insignia; Creative; SanDisk players. We also support pure "disk" devices (ege Flash drives) and a wide range of digital camera's and phones connected through USB or Bluetooth.

To support these devices we use, where possible, the Microsoft Media Transfer Protocol (MTP protocol). This should be transparent to you, since Window's will load it automatically when the device is installed (to setup your device for MTP transfer, please refer to your device manual). When UIStream can not detect (or use) the MTP protocol a native implementation will be used to communicate for the device.

Once a device is loaded and configured, all multimedia media files transferred to it will be automatically transformed into a format the device understands. You can start to copy files from and to the device by either selecting the "Add files" button, or by dropping files (through drag and drop) on the device window.

Every brand and type of device has a configuration file assigned to it. This configuration can be modified from the device configuration tab in the settings dialog. The configuration specifies what kind of data (pictures, audio, video, ..) can be stored on the device, and what data format is allowed. For example, music configuration specifies that the device can only play mp3 audio files of a certain encoding quality.

Supported Media Devices:
1. UPNP Media Renderers
UIStream implements a DNLA compliant UPNP media renderer, and thus can send files to media renderer devices.

2. Handheld devices
UIStream can connect to handheld devices through the Microsoft RAPI protocol, through a Bluetooth file transfer protocol or through the Media Transfer protocol.

3. Console Devices
UIStream can render to web based console devices through its web based interface. This however means your console device should support HTML based browsing, and at least Flash Player 9.

4. Phones
UIStream implements a USB and a Bluetooth protocol to communicate with most (of not all) media phones available on the market.

5. Camera's
UIStream implements the functionality to connect to camera's (both still and streaming) through the Window's Image Architecture (WIA) protocol (under Windows XP) and the Media Transfer Protocol under Window's Vista (or higher).

6. UPNP Media Servers
UIStream has been tested with several commercial available UPNP media servers, and can transfer files from any media server it finds in your network neighborhood.

7. Memory stick/Memory Disk Devices
UIStream can manage media files on devices reporting themselves as "External Disks" or Flash drives. File management is more advanced then Windows Explorer, and includes automatic tag management and storage calculation.

8. CD Burning
UIStream can burn red book and data cd's and DVD's through the use of the IMAPI protocol.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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