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  • Date: Feb 03, 2011
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    Wireless Communication
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Radar-like display to show available Wi-Fi networks (SSIDs) and their relative range. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is a powerful tool for managing and troubleshooting the Wi-Fi on a Windows XP SP2 or later, Vista, or 7laptop. Built in tests enable you to characterize the integrity and performance of your Wi-Fi connection. Applications include:
1. Searching for Wi-Fi networks
2. Managing and troubleshooting Wi-Fi connections
3. Verifying Wi-Fi coverage
4. Locating Wi-Fi devices
5. Detecting rogue APs

The Wi-Fi Inspector can be used for a number of practical applications, including:
1. Searching for Wi-Fi networks
2. Troubleshooting Wi-Fi connectivity issues
3. Verifying Wi-Fi coverage (site survey)
4. Managing a laptop's Wi-Fi connection
5. Locating Wi-Fi devices
6. Detecting rogue APs
7. Verifying AP settings
8. Aiming Wi-Fi antennas
9. Wi-Fi Education

1. Dynamic radar view displaying local Wi-Fi network names and relative distance
2. Detailed information table of all local Wi-Fi networks
3. Display of laptop's Wi-Fi connection details and most important network addresses
4. Network connection, quality, and speed tests for troubleshooting Wi-Fi connections
5. Real-time graph of signal strength of one or more Wi-Fi networks with 8 minute history
6. Locate mode for tracking Wi-Fi network signal strength, including audible beep
7. Export Wi-Fi networks to .csv file
8. Directly Connect/Disconnect to Wi-Fi networks
9. Option to Enable/Disable Wi-Fi adapter (Windows 7 and Vista only)
10. Integrated glossary of Wi-Fi terms

The Wi-Fi Inspector is laid out in 4 tiled windows, each displaying different real-time information about the current Wi-Fi environment. A menu ribbon at the top displays a number of options to control the operation of the application. The following sections describe the different functions of the application and their usage.

The Radar displays a dynamic view of the Wi-Fi networks (SSIDs) in the local area. The names of the networks and a corresponding dot are displayed in a circular display with their relative distance from the center of the radar based on the strength of their Wi-Fi signal.

The Connection window displays detailed information about the current Wi-Fi connection. Wireless information - SSID, BSSID, Channel, Signal level, and Network Mode - is displayed on the left.

The Networks window displays a dynamic table of all Wi-Fi networks (SSIDs) that the laptop is detecting in its area.

* Wi-Fi network adapter

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this wireless communication software.

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