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  • Date: Apr 27, 2018
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    Wireless Communication
HP Wireless Assistant Download
Free Download HP Wireless Assistant 4.0.10

HP Wireless Assistant is a useful tool for managing wireless connections. A user application that shows the status of individual wireless devices (such as Bluetooth, WLAN, or WWAN devices) and that provides the ability to control the radios for these wireless devices, it will enable you to fully enjoy the wireless capabilities of your notebook.

Wireless Assistant reports the settings of the integrated wireless devices in your computer, such as 802.11 wireless local area network (wireless LAN or WLAN) devices, wireless wide area network (WWAN) devices, and Bluetooth devices. Wireless Assistant also provides information about devices that are disabled and turned off to help you understand where and how to enable them or turn them on.

Wireless Assistant provides the following information or functions:
1. Checks the system at startup for integrated wireless devices
2. Displays the power status of each device at startup
3. Displays a message when a device status changes
4. Explains where to enable or turn on a device that is disabled or turned off
5. Allows you to turn on or off the integrated wireless devices separately or simultaneously

Wireless Assistant does not perform these functions:
1. Does not display any information about whether or not the wireless device is connected to a network or whether or not a network is available
2. Does not display any information about wireless external devices, such as PC Cards
3. Does not configure the network
4. Does not use the Windows Configuration Utility

You can use Wireless Assistant to turn off power to integrated wireless devices under these conditions:
1. To achieve power savings when you do not need to be connected to a wireless network
2. To work off-line when you have no need to connect to a network and prefer to work off-line to minimize interruptions, enhance performance, or to avoid security risks
3. In restricted environments such as on an aircraft or in a hospital where wireless use may be restricted
4. In unsupported environments where wireless networks are not supported or there are no devices in range with which to connect

Please Note: Wireless Assistant does not support users with Windows guest accounts.

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this wireless communication software.

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