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  • Date: Jan 08, 2014
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    Wireless Communication
Wi-Free Download
Free Download Wi-Free 2.0

Wi-Free is your key to unlimited wi-fi internet! Wi-Fi Internet software allows to use paid public Wi-Fi for free. Surf Wi-Fi Internet for Free with Wi-Free! Notebook owners now have a tempting possibility of being truly mobile and independent, as soon as public Wi-Fi internet has spread over the world. But, although there are plenty of Wi-Fi hotspots all in all, there are significantly less FREE Wi-Fi spots. When you come to a hotel, a restaurant or an airport, you may often find that the hotspot available there only provides free access to some local network, while access to Internet is closed.

Wi-Free allows you to enjoy everything there is in the global network using alternative protocols, which, as a rule, work at all open hotspots. You will see no loss of functions, no inconveniences - in fact, you will see no difference at all!

The scheme of how Wi-Free works is very easy! Wherever a wifi access point is, you are able to establish a connection to this hotspot. Let's suppose that free travel internet access is prohibited and a password for full access is required. Don't worry! You launch our program and click the "Start" button. What happens next? Whatever web resource you choose, with the help of our Wi-Free program your Internet traffic is first sent to our server over alternative protocols. Then it is sent by our server to the destination point through standard protocols, for example, to your mail server. After that our server receives a response and sends it back to your computer through the wi-fi connection you are using. Thus you can literally outflank restrictions of your local wi-fi network.

Wi-Free software is easy to install, friendly and handy to use. You just need to register at our web site, download the program and, using the login and password you're given during the registration process, connect to our server. Registration is free. Working in the guest access mode, you can try and see how our service works having connected to a number of web sites from our list.

Wi-Free is your key to free hotels wi-fi, airports wi-fi, restaurants wi-fi: Wherever there is Wi-Fi, it will cost nothing to you with Wi-Free!

* While using guest access, you can connect only to wi-free.com

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $6.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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