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  • Date: Jul 07, 2010
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SigMaker Download
Free Download SigMaker 3.0.0 Build 2806

Turn images, logos and signatures into fonts for Mac and Windows. SigMaker is an affordable font utility that allows users to turn any image such as a scanned signature, a corporate logo or a digital photo into a font that can be easily used in any wordprocessing or graphic application - all in six easy steps.

Six easy steps
Step 1. Select a font to which you would like to add your glyph or that will be used together with your free-standing glyph.
Step 2. Open and image file with your photo, signature or logo. Adjust the image (invert, crop, rotate) until it looks fine.
Step 3. Choose a character position (keystroke combination) for your new glyph.
Step 4. Adjust the dimensions of the image.
Step 5. Set the name of the font.
Step 6. Save the modified font; and you're done.

SigMaker Features:
1. Add a signature, logo or symbol to any existing font
Each computer font consists of graphical characters called glyphs. With SigMaker, you can easily create glyphs on your own, from photos, drawings, scanned signatures or company logos, and add them to any of the OpenType (new in version 3) or TrueType fonts that are installed on your system, at a character slot (keyboard position) of your choice.

2. Create single-glyph fonts ("fontlets")
Placing a scanned signature or a company logo in a 'fontlet' (new in version 3) is an affordable and universal way to include these graphics in documents without the fuss of graphic format conversion.

3. Create Adobe InDesign-compatible SING glyphlets
Another exciting new feature of SigMaker 3 is the ability to create SING glyphlets. The SING architecture was developed by Adobe to solve the "gaiji" problem in Chinese, Japanese and Korean typography.

4. Spice up your presentations and documents with custom symbols
SigMaker also opens possibilities for new kinds of visual communication: adding icons or custom bullet points to your texts can increase the readability, and replacing some common words or proper names with their graphic representation can be a fun factor.

* adds FL logo to some characters on export

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR23.80, you can free download and get a free trial.

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