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  • Date: Nov 04, 2020
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FontLab Studio Download
Free Download FontLab Studio 7.1.4 Build 7515 (x64)

FontLab Studio is a next-generation professional font editor for Mac and Windows. Used by Adobe, Apple, Bitstream, IBM, Linotype, Microsoft, Monotype, Morisawa and almost every other major font foundry in the world, it is the comprehensive solution for font foundries, professional type designers, typographers and graphic design studios, allowing them to design typefaces and create or modify fonts. It supports all major outline font formats, including Type 1, TrueType, Multiple Master and OpenType.

It is now available for Mac and Windows.
Note: FontLab Studio can directly create OpenType Layout tables for non-complex scripts. OpenType Layout tables required for complex scripts such as Arabic, Devanagari or Thai can be added with the free Microsoft VOLT application.

* Glyph Window - Draw and edit PostScript and TrueType outlines, previews anti-aliased fills and outlines, has industry-standard drawing tools including the innovative Sketch mode and tangent points, supports open paths, converts from strokes to outlines, automatically generate parallel paths and more.
* Multiple Masters - Make your own multiple master fonts with up to 4 axes. Extrapolate fonts beyond original limits
* Type 1 Hinting - Add hints manually or automatically for beautiful screen and low-res fonts.
* VectorPaint Tools - Paint vector outlines with the ease of 8 bitmap-like tools and shaped brush strokes
* FontAudit Technology - Automatically check your outlines during editing
* Font Metrics and Kerning - Metrics and kerning editor with full class-kerning support, autokerning and full MM support.
* Actions - Outline, metrics and hinting transformations applicable to the whole font or to selected characters
* Unicode - Full support for Unicode 4.1 with SMP codepoints and a new glyph template images (from Monotype Imaging), numerous encodings and multiple codepages, font reencoding
* Font Header Editor - Access to all font properties, from names to supported codepages to TrueType-specific font metrics
* OpenType Support - Import, create, edit, export and convert OpenType fonts (PS and TT). Better decompile font features to easy-to-read source code, export to VOLT or store original binary OT tables.
* Macro Language - extensive Python 2.4-compatible scripting inside FontLab Studio lets you extend FontLab features infinitely. Make your own tools and plugins! Browse to the Python Page for details and demos.
* Customizable User Interface - from menus and keyboard shortcuts to the pictures on toolbar buttons - change the FontLab UI to fit your needs, save and exchange your preferences and workspaces with others
* Asian Fonts - Double-byte codepages and vertical advance vectors for Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts
* Complex Script Fonts - Show glyphs and metrics in right-to-left rendering, export features to VOLT or round-trip fonts with binary OpenType features made in VOLT
* Blended fonts - Make MM fonts or interpolated instfaces from any two fonts.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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