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  • Date: Jul 08, 2010
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Free Download TransType Pro 3.0.2

Convert Any Font with TransType. TransType Pro is a universal font format converter. TransType Pro allows you to convert practically any font into any other format on Mac and PC.

TransType Pro is a TrueType, PostScript Type 1 and OpenType font conversion utility. It can convert PC fonts to Macintosh, Macintosh fonts to PC, Type 1 fonts to TrueType or OpenType, TrueType fonts to Type 1 or OpenType, and OpenType fonts to TrueType or Type 1. Moreover it can do platform and format conversions at the same time. There are several important features that make TransType Pro different from other font conversion programs:

1. TransType Pro correctly converts fonts with Roman and non-Roman encoding and allows you to select both source and destination encoding while you convert fonts in either direction (PC->Mac, Mac->PC, TrueType->Type 1 or OpenType, Type 1->TrueType or
OpenType, OpenType->TrueType or Type 1). The font-previewing feature helps select proper encodings.
2. TransType Pro automatically controls the building of font suitcases when you convert families of PC fonts to Macintosh. You can move fonts from one suitcase to another, but in most cases it's unnecessary - TransType does it for you.
3. TransType Pro can automatically generate bitmap fonts when you convert to Macintosh Type 1 format.
4. TransType Pro can convert multiple master Type 1 fonts either into single master or into multiple master Type 1 fonts or into TrueType or OpenType fonts for any platform -PC or Macintosh.TransType Pro 8
5. You can quickly and easily preview the fonts that are not installed in your System.
6. TransType Pro can convert from VFB (FontLab's internal format) into TrueType, OpenType or Type 1. TransType Pro can also convert from PC TrueType font collection (TTC) format.
7. TransType Pro can additionally process the converted fonts with Python macro scripts. The Python interpreter must be installed to use this feature.
8. TransType Pro can also accept fonts in .sit archives created with StuffIt Deluxe - a popular Macintosh file archiver.
9. TransType can read or write Macintosh files in industry-standard MacBinary or BinHex formats. Windows computers can't read native Macintosh files, but with TransType you can import or export these specially formatted Macintosh files on your Windows computer and use them immediately.

Import formats: FontLab VFB, Win Type 1, Win TrueType / OpenType TT, Mac Type 1, Mac TrueType suitcase, Mac TrueType dfont, TrueType GX/AAT, PC Multiple Mater, Mac Multiple Master, OpenType PS; Stuffit archives (.sit) containing any of the above

Export Formats: Win Type 1, Win TrueType, Mac Type 1, Mac TrueType suitcase, Mac TrueType dfont, PC Multiple Mater, Mac Multiple Master, OpenType TT and OpenType PS including OT features.

Tools: Encoding conversion, Suitcase customization, Codepage assignment, Script page assignment, Removal of unnecessary TrueType tables, manual font renaming, Python scripting

Encodings: Unicode, ANSI, ASCII, and most international encodings

* adds TR logo to some glyphs during conversion

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $213.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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