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  • Date: Mar 19, 2013
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Free Download Together Workflow Editor 4.8-1

Together Workflow Editor is a graphical editor for creating, editing, managing and reviewing WfMC XPDL process definition files.
Workflow management is an evolving technology with lots of vendors claiming their approach is the best. We have chosen an approach which relies on WfMC and XPDL, thus supporting efforts to establish the standard. Together Workflow Editor is based on version 1.0 of the XPDL XML schema published by WfMC.
The editor makes creating and editing XPDL easy. It represents all XPDL elements graphically through property panels and a graph component to give the user a better understanding and an overview of the process definitions. Various functions help in finding specific activities, participants, applications, errors in the model, etc.
The final output of the editor is an XML file (using the standardized WfMC XPDL schema) which can then be interpreted and executed by all WfMC XPDL compliant workflow engines.

LDAP connections to MS Active Directory or OpenLDAP are supported for importing process participant data. References between XPDL package/files are supported and resolved.
Extensive logical validation beyond simple XML syntax checks is done automatically.
Guided dialogs for all XPDL elements / attributes, customizable activity icons, freely definable XPDL copy/paste design pattern libraries and optional graph auto-layout support productive XPDL editing.
Special configurations for support of Together XPDL Workflow Server / Enhydra Shark and WfMOpen are included !

Together Workflow Editor Features:
1. Graph actions to select all transitions between the selected activities
2. Transient XPDL package references
3. Configurable Workflow design patterns copy/paste pool support
4. Customizable activity Icons using native XPDL attributes
5. Together Workflow Server / Enhydra Shark semantics /validation
6. User-defined configurations support
7. Dynamic configuration switching at runtime
8. Save/Load graphical layout of processes in XPDL extended attributes
9. LDAP support to extract participants data
10. Wf-XML support
11. Undo/Redo support for every editor action
12. View referring elements for an XPDL element
13. Modeless editing dialogs
14. Navigation history with backward/forward navigation
15. Revert button in every edit dialog
16. Propagation of element selections to all panels
17. Direct navigation to referrenced elements
18. Expression editing support including selection of process variables
19. Graph rotation (horizontal or vertical swin lanes)
20. Expression based participants in the graph with full editing support
21. XPDL element view including syntax highlighting
22. Problem highlighting and extended navigation tree
23. On-line documentation including XPDL explainations and configuration
24. 100+ pages PDF documentation including a step by step XPDL editing guide
25. Graph overview with navigation possibilites
26. Possibility to customize XPDL elements property panels
27. View relations between main XPDL package and its external packages
28. In-line property panels for editing XPDL
29. Info bar for basic information about the selected object
30. Save XPDL with XPDL namespace prefix
31. Switching of the language in the GUI
32. Optionally display transition conditions in the graph
33. Define your own custom activity, process or any other XPDL element icons, property panels...
34. Specify single or multi in/out connections per the activity type
35. API documentation for extension programming

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this flowchart & diagram software.

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