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Process Priority Observer can boost the agility and responsiveness of Windows and contributes to stability when running multiple applications.

On a single desktop for example you can run multiple applications (backup, CD-burning, video encoding) consuming many CPU resources in the background. At this moment other application, you are trying to run, are typically very unresponsive, because the CPU resources are exhausted. Process Priority Observer dynamically adjusts priorities at which an application gets CPU times. This means for example your video encoding application gets dynamically a lower priority as soon as it consumes CPU time.

If there is no application which requests CPU time at the moment, your video encoding application can still run on full speed no matter of the changed priority. If you run now an application which needs CPU time, it gets immedially scheduled because of its higher priority. Your PC is much more responsive. Whenever your video encoding application has finished or uses less CPU for certain time, its priority will be automatically increased step by step back to its original value.

Process Priority Observer Key Features and Benefits:
1. Windows Operating System stays responsive
No matter how much CPU load you have. Windows and your applications are stable and responsive.

2. Fully automated assignment of priorities
Dependent on current CPU load condition, priorities of processes are dynamically decreased and increased back to their original values without any user intervention.

3. Zero administration effort
There is no configuration or adjustment neccessary. Optimal parameters for calculation and measurements, for example number of physical CPUs and number of cores, are automatically taken into account.

4. Shows its strengths in Terminal Server environments
Process Priority Observer fits excellent in Terminal Server environments (server base computing), when multiple users are running multiple applications on a Windows Server box. There is a huge gain in Terminal Server performance, when CPU resources are shared equality between users. It also contributes to Terminal Server stability because every peak in CPU workloads cause an automated lowering of the process' priorities.

5. Decent and effective software
No over bloated management or intrusive behavior. Process Priority Observer is an efficient piece of software, seamless and straight forward in its task with nearly no overhead.

6. Reliable Windows Service
Process Priority Observer is implemented as reliably Windows Service using Microsoft .NET managed APIs.

7. Support for newest Microsoft operating systems and 64-bit
Process Priority Observer is tested and has qualified for the upcomming Microsoft operating systems (Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2). It is available as easy installation package for Windows x64 operating systems (64-bit).

* .NET Framework.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR149.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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