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  • Date: May 21, 2009
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OCCT GPU Download
Free Download OCCT GPU 3.1.0

OCCT GPU is a handy program to help you configurate your monitor's status. OCCT (stands for "OverClock Checking Tool) is a CPU stability testing program.

Its features :
- 3 different test types
* CPU = no RAM tested, alot of heat generated on the CPU, errors are usually CPU-centered
* RAM = Maximum error detection, tests the whole chain CPU-Chipset-Memory
* Mix = CPU and RAM alternated

- 3 tests modes
* Auto = 1h long Mix test
* Custom (Infinite) = Infinite loop of the test type of your choice
* Custom (fixed) = A test of the type of your choice, and of a duration of your choice
- Integrated monitoring and System information thanks to CPU-Z and HWmonitor engine
- External Monitoring Program support through plugins (Everest, Speedfan, and many more)
- Graph output showing temperatures and voltages of your computer

OCCT is available in a Pro version, for professionnal. This version includes the following features :
* Bootable on a CD
* Supports monitoring - It will generate one graph per sensor detected. It will also auto-detect voltages sensors and CPU temperature sensor.
* Automatically launches a custom test - just start the computer on the CD, and you can come back one hour later, everything is automated !
It can be used in numerous cases :
* You're a Computer store and you are building computers without any OS. With this, you can be sure the computer is running fine !
* You're doing maintenance, and you want to check if this recurring blue-screen is a hardware or a software problem... just boot on OCCT's CD without installing it
* Check Temperature and Voltages without leaving any trace on the client's computer

This version is free and can be downloaded by sending me an email : iench at ocbase dot com . However, you have to be a professionnal to use this : it is not available to everybody.
While it is free, i REALLY encourages gifts, coupons, donations and any help you can give me, especially in sending me testing hardware to support more monitoring software. It is the only way i can get some benefits out of OCCT without starting a whole business stuff, which is time consuming here in France, and don't forget i'm developping this in my free time... so those donations are really, really appreciated, and encouraged :D
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The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this cpu benchmark software.

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