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  • Date: Jul 18, 2010
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Belletmen Download
Free Download Belletmen 0.1.06

Belletmen is a Multi-Lingual Prompter System. The aim of this project is try to help people who need help while reading. It might be for children, or any kind of students at any age, or for people with some disabilities.

It is very important for us to understand correctly what we read, especially in foreign languages, and even in our mother language.

The project will try to be easy, and comfortable. It will be listening contiuously, and will try to help just in time when required, or asked. In order to achieve this, it must supply some smart solutions. It must know its users, and it must be able to learn.

Of course, it is not easy to do it as easy as to say. Anyway, a start means the half of the way!

Belletmen project had been started on March 2005. Now it can read text and rtf formatted documents, and select words with simple mouse movements, or mouse clicks. It can understand the language of the documents (yet only 7 languages). And, it can use 7 dictionaries, in two root languages which are English and Turkish. The system is ready to accept new root languages.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this text to speech software.

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