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  • Date: Nov 23, 2008
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Read Aloud is a free Text to Speech software that reads aloud text from various sources, especially from The Web. Read Aloud provides webpage text reading, which no other Text To Speech software provides (for free). It has an inbuilt Web Text Extractor, support to RSS Feeds Reading, a Raw File Mode a Clipboard Watcher and a standard Web Browser.
Features list:
* Clipboard Watcher :
This will minimise the Read Aloud to your system tray and will read any text you copy. This is extremely useful when you want to listen to bits of text from various sources, simply copy it and Read Aloud starts reading it.
* Web Text Browser:
With this unique Web Text Browser you can extract text from any webpage on the fly and Read aloud can read the text or Record it i.e. save the text as an audio file.
* RSS Feed Reader
The RSS Feed Reader extracts text from RSS feeds and you can listen or record one or all the feeds at once.
* Raw Text Reader
This will allow you to see the original content without applying any filters. You can use this to read text files or Rich text files (.RTF) or text copyied to your clipboard for which you do not want any filtering.
* Web Browser
This has been included to allow you to browse and see the webpage in standard Internet Explorer without the need to open it seperately.
* Record (Read To File)
This feature allows you to save the text being read as an audio file. You can use this file with any media device like an iPod, and listen when you have time.
* Paste from clipboard
You can copy the text from any other source like emails, Word documents, pdf files, text files, etc. and paste it to Read Aloud and listen or record it.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this text to speech software.

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