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mbNotes Download
Free Download mbNotes 1.1

mbNotes is a small tool that will allow you to create desktop notes.

Download mbNotes and copy mbNotes.exe present in "bin\release" dir into the directory of your choice. Double click on the mbNotes.exe file and you'll see a new note icon in the system tray. When you right-button click on the icon a menu will pop-up allowing you to create a new note, to show product info, and to close the program.

Each note has a subject field and a text field. When you create a new note it appears in the center of screen with a default subject and a default text. At the bottom will be displayed date and time creation.

Clicking on the top left note icon the note's menu will pop-up. The menu's choices are:
1. Edit: to edit the subject and message.
2. Delete: to delete the current note.
3. Save: to save the note's data.
4. Minimized: only the note's subject is visible. When minimized, move the mouse over the subject to see the message.
5. Set font.
6. Color: choose the background color of the note.
7. New note: create a new note.

The note's information will be persisted into a file named "noteslist.bin". This file will be created in the same directory where executable is located. Data is saved when the program is closed or when you choose Save from menu.

* Microsoft .NET Framework

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this post-it-note software.

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