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Text Ticker scrolls the contents of a text file at the top or bottom of the screen, or floating anywhere on the desktop.

An unobtrusive "scrolling banner" or "marquee" to scroll any text file across the top or bottom of your screen. Change font, color, speed, etc.

Text Ticker, a "scrolling banner" or "marquee", scrolls the contents of a plain text file at the top or bottom of a monitor, or floating anywhere. The text appears in a so-called "appbar" which is similar to the Windows Taskbar and can be dragged to any position on the desktop. All settings (font, color, text file, etc.) are saved between sessions.

Any plain text file can be dropped on the ticker and the program will begin to scroll that file's contents. (Actually, any file at all can be used, but only plain text files are readable by humans!) A file can also be browsed for and loaded by selecting Load File on the menu. Text Ticker can also be started with a specific file by dropping the file on the Text Ticker application icon, or by setting up shortcuts with the filename as the only command line parameter. It also can be changed in the Options window.

Text files can also be retrieved from a web server ( or https://). This can be set in the File tab of the Options window, or by setting up shortcuts with the web address (URL) as the only command line parameter. The URL must begin with or https://.

Left-clicking the tray icon alternately shows and hides the ticker. Double-clicking the ticker pauses the scrolling.

Multiple tickers can be run, each with its own file, speed, colors, etc. Each one acts independently. When you later start Text Ticker, the first one's settings will be used; if you start a second one, the second one's settings will be used, etc.

The popup menu is available by right-clicking either the ticker or the tray icon. When the ticker is hidden, only the tray icon gives access to the program. In this case, the menu only offers Restore, Help, About, and Exit. Select Options to open the Options window.

Text Ticker uses very little system resources and takes up little screen space, making it ideal for reminding yourself of encouraging words, help with memorization, watching a log file or any other text file that changes periodically.

Network deployment
A number of companies use Text Ticker to keep employees informed of the current status of call center queues, sales and stock information, or any other company news everyone needs to know. A locked version of Text Ticker is available which does not allow users to make any changes or close the program. Utilities to simplify network deployment are also available.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $20.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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