jOrgan (Java Virtual Organ)

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  • Date: Sep 11, 2014
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jOrgan (Java Virtual Organ) Download
Free Download jOrgan (Java Virtual Organ) 3.21 Beta 1

jOrgan (Java Virtual Organ) lets you use your computer as a full featured virtual organ. A MIDI console equally suitable for the architecture of a classical or a theatre organ. jOrgan was designed to be is a MIDI console equally suitable for the architecture of a classical or a theatre organ.

Feature list:
1. runs on all major operating systems
2. includes convenient editing facilities
3. supports all elements known from real organs
4. works with a variety of sound generators
5. allows styling of realistic virtual organ consoles
6. extensible for your special requirements

jOrgan can be configured to emulate any layout of organ console and mimics the behaviour and appearance of a real organ console in detail, stops can be put on and taken off on the fly whilst playing.
It includes provision for second touch, settable combination pistons (divisional and general), swell controls, couplers, tremulants, and stop tabs or knobs. Multiple input and output ports can be used. Skins which give the function and appearance of traditional classical and theatre consoles are available.
jOrgan also includes unification, arrangement of pipe ranks by chamber or by division, individual unenclosed stops, selective application of tremulants, melody and bass line stops, transferable divisions, crescendo, effects controls, combination memory and almost all facilities found on a real organ console. Disposition files define the appearance and facilities of the console; these you can create to have as many manuals, stops and controls as you wish. Real-time control is on screen with mouse or touch-screen, and/or from incoming MIDI messages you can specify, from your keyboard or console.
jOrgan requires that the old version of Java included in Windows be updated (automatic and painless), and the latest jOrgan.jar file and Skin files. Step by step instructions for installing, setting up and using jOrgan are in the jOrgan Notes file - download below.. jOrgan is Freeware.
You can open Disposition files compiled in earlier versions, but note that for the corg soundfonts the patch numbers were comprehensively changed at soundfonts v110. Consoles (Dispostion files) which use many of jOrgans facilities, and screen shots are below. These Dispostion files are examples only, you can modify them or create your own.

1. Any modern computer running with a reasonable speed CPU and for example 256 Mbyte memory can run jOrgan
2. To get started, jOrgan has a virtual (on screen) keyboard, but this can only sound one note at once, on one keyboard. For professional inputs, an external MIDI keyboard(s) and/or controller(s) can be used. These could be a midi controller keyboard, digital Piano, Synthesizer, MIDI-control-box, MIDI-fied organ, acoustic piano/keyboard/pedalboard, etc - providing it has a MIDI input to your computer.
3. MIDI cable and MIDI adapter - this links your input keyboard to your computer. Many computers have a'd type input to the soundcard, so a Midi to'd type cable is required. Other controller keyboards have a USB plug - so a USB socket on your computer would be required - and a USB lead.
4. MIDI input device for your computer e.g. a PC soundcard or a USB-MIDI interface. If you are using a Creative soundcard, then the older models had a'd type Midi/Joystick input. If you are using Windows XP then Midi can be used via the USB system.
5. MIDI output device(s): jOrgan does not produce any sound. It provides the interface between the input keyboards and the soundproducers. The output from jOrgan is in Midi format, so that any Midi driven soundproducer can be used, like a PC Soundcard, Expander, Hardware/Software Sampler, and can either be internal to the PC or an external addition

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this music composer software.

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