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GenieSoft Overture is a great choice if you are looking for powerful, but easy to use notation software. Overture's user interface has been designed specifically to be as easy to learn, and fast to use as possible. Most entry work, even sophisticated scoring techniques, can be done directly on the page with a minimum of menu selection and no complex dialog boxes.

GenieSoft Overture Features:
Easy to install and set up
Create piano, band, orchestral, choral, and lead sheet notation
Print arrangements of up to 64 instruments
Comes with fun music and templates to get started

Overture is easy-to-use notation software that's powerful enough to satisfy the needs of today's professional musicians and composers. You can quickly enter notes on-screen with your mouse or computer keyboard, or record a MIDI performance for instant viewing. Overture's intuitive interface puts powerful editing tools and symbol palettes at your fingertips, so you spend time composing music instead of searching through menus. For complete orchestral arrangements, lead sheets, individual cues or even simple notation examples, there's no faster way to create professional notation than Overture.

The score window in Overture allows you to notate your music quickly and easily. You control all notation elements with the mouse or computer keyboard. Extensive text handling functions make it easy to add or edit lyrics, page text, floating text, measure text and rehearsal marks.

Extensive MIDI features
Overture has powerful MIDI recording capabilities that you won't find in other notation programs. It reads and writes standard MIDI files, provides tape deck-style transport controls, as well as punch-in/punch-out recording options. Overture offers complete MIDI playback of all dynamics, repeats and endings. And you can edit your recorded MIDI performance on-screen, using either the score window or the graphical piano roll display.

Desktop publishing
Need to include a few measures for a textbook example, test brochure or multimedia presentation? Just click and drag over any section of the score to capture it as a separate file. Then save the data as either a PICT or an EPS file and place it into the publishing program of your choice. Macintosh version only.

Drum Mappings
Notating drum parts has never been easier. Play your drum kit over the entire range of the MIDI instrument and Overture will remap the notes onto a five line percussion staff. (You can load a drum library map, or create new ones.) Notate both closed and open hi-hats on the same line with an X and circle-X. For more clarity, you can even choose which staff lines show.

Smart Tablature
Overture is the fastest, easiest and smartest way to notate music as tablature. Bends and other useful markings are fully supported. Automatically takes into account fixed or floating positions, finger span, alternative tunings, capo positions. Adjustable font, staff, note stem size. Automatically transposes fret position number from string to string! All articulations and marks become symbols when entered into blank space.

Guitar Palette
With Overture you get complete tools for guitar notation. Symbols can be attached to notes or placed anywhere on your score. Guitar bends attach to notes, when notes move the bends will move along with them. Guitar notations include finger articulations, hammer ons, tapping, rotatable and stretchable "bend" articulations with 25 easily adjustable quarter tone steps (+3 to -3 whole tones), tremolo marking, vibrato, barre at fret number, and more.

Jazz Articulations
Overture offers a wide variety of jazz articulations including: lift, slide (pick scrape), rip, wah wah, fall off, spill, stab, flip, smear, bend, doit, plop, wow wow, and shake-with 7 selection line type.

Expression Library
Create your own expression library with unlimited entries. Assign name, font, style, playback parameters and more.

Expression palette
Fully editable expression palette with definable font, font size, font style, line type, end cap, extract on all part selection, and hide in print selection. And you can assign play back parameters to your expression markings: tempo, patch, controller w/ controller value.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $349, you can free download and get a free trial.

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