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  • Date: Apr 23, 2009
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    Browser Tool
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iRider lets you browse much faster and work with lots of pages and sites at once, and lets you do it much more easily and naturally than with any other browser.
iRider makes it fun to conquer oceans of information when you're doing serious work - or serious play - on the web. Open, work with, and bookmark multiple pages at once. See the websites you're using and fly through them effortlessly.

iRider is the nice browser that lets you work with multiple pages and sites much more quickly and easily, and lets you browse much faster by downloading pages while you work.
Here are some key features of iRider:
Rapidly navigate a visual map of all the pages and sites youre working with.
Avoid long waits for pages, especially on a slow Internet connection. Even on a fast connection, instant access to pages saves a lot of time and effort.
Open several links or favorites
(bookmarks) at once. Websites become like magazines that you can flip through effortlessly,
making excellent use of a fast connection.
Add several pages to your favorites at once. Saving and retrieving entire piles of pages is particularly useful for shopping, research and reference.
Search multiple search engines at once chosen from several search categories such as web, images, video, news, shopping, etc.
Exchange sets of pages with others via email, instant messaging, etc.
Keep pop-ups out of your way without using a pop-up blocker.
Open lots of pages without overtaxing memory, with iRiders sophisticated and automatic memory management.
iRider is easy to learn because it builds on the familiar web browser in simple yet powerful ways, and works with all the sites and favorites (bookmarks) you already use.
iRider utilizes Internet Explorer -- the browser used by a very large majority of users -- to implement basic browsing functionality, so it has maximum compatibility with the websites you visit.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29, you can free download and get a free trial.

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