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Windows CardSpace is a new technology in the .NET Framework, which simplifies and improves the safety of shared resources and personal information on the Internet. It helps developers to build Software and Web sites which are more secured to the most commonly identity-related attacks such as phishing.
This technology helps to solve the problems of traditional online security mechanisms by reducing reliance on user names and passwords. Instead, it uses a separate desktop and cryptographically strong claims-based authentication. Windows CardSpace can facilitate more secure online experiences such as online shopping, banking, and bill payment.
Microsoft Windows CardSpace is a system for creating relationships with websites and online services. Windows CardSpace provides a consistent way for:
1. Sites to request information from you.
2. You to review the identity of a site.
3. You to manage your information by using Information Cards.
4. You to review card information before you send it.

Windows CardSpace can replace the user names and passwords that you use to register with and log on to websites and online services.
You can use the following Windows CardSpace steps to send your identity information across the Internet or other networks:

1.Review site identity information. Before you send a card to a site for the first time, you review information about that site's identity in its certificate so that you can learn more about the site that is requesting your information. You can review the following certificate information for a site:
* Name-The name of the business or organization
* Location-The geographic location of the business or organization
* Website-The domain name of the site
* Logo-The logo of the business or organization

In addition, sites can provide a privacy statement that tells you how your information will be used. The privacy statement should state whether information will be shared outside the requesting organization or business. After you send a card to the site, you will not be asked to review the site information again unless:
* The site states that it has changed its privacy statement.
* The identity information of the site changes.

2.Choose a card. If you decide to send a card to a site, you view your card collection and choose a card to send. Cards that meet the requirements of the site are highlighted. Different sites require different kinds of cards. There are two types of cards:
Personal cards are cards that you create yourself that can identify you to websites or online services. You can use personal cards instead of filling out forms or logging on to sites.
Managed cards are provided by businesses and organizations. Examples of managed cards include credit cards and membership cards. Managed cards usually represent information that is issued by the card provider.

3.Review card data. Before you send a card to a site, you review what data is being requested. Sites can also request optional data that you can include when you send a card. You can also review the sites to which you have sent a card in the past.
4.Send your card. Finally, you send your card to the site. Card data is always encrypted before it is sent to the site.

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