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  • Date: Dec 05, 2012
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Free Download ezBates Special Edition 6.2

ezBates is an automatic page numbering software, inexpensive computer program that replaces your Bates Stamp automatic page numbering machine. ezBates is the user-friendly, inexpensive computer software that replaces your Bates Stamp automatic page numbering machine and does much more.

ezBates numbers your exhibits and documents more quickly and easily than a Bates Stamp with professionally-looking results. Just stack your letter-size documents in the printer normally used by your computer, start ezBates, fill in the data fields, click Print Next or Print All, then click Print in the pop-up Select Printer window. That's all there is to it. Your text and page numbers will be printed on your documents in consecutive order at the bottom right side of each page in bold, 12 point Arial font.

Other options are easy to select. You can replace the bold, 12 point Arial font with any other font installed on your computer. Simply click Select Font. A font selection window will appear that allows you to choose a different font, font style, and/or font size. You can print leading zeros in front of your page numbers by checking the box for this option. You can change the number of inches from the top of the page where the text and page number are printed by inserting a different value in the Vertical Position data field. You can also change the horizontal position on the page where the text and page number are printed.

The program gives you five different choices for the horizontal position. However, you can include spaces before or after the text that precedes the page number. This gives you complete control over the horizontal position as well as the vertical position at which you print the text and page number on each page. Finally, instead of using the printer that your computer normally uses, the pop-up Select Printer window lets you use any printer that is directly connected to your computer or any printer that is one of your network connections.

If your exhibit or document won't fit in your printer or if you need to correct an exhibit or document that was accidentally misnumbered, you can print the page numbers and preceding text on labels instead of directly on your pages. The labels can be either 1/2" by 1-3/4" or 1" by 2-5/8".

* Demo version adds "demo" on each page

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $79.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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