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  • Date: May 29, 2010
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bookTome is a book management system which allows you to enter information about your book collection and then sort and search this information in a variety of different manners. You can catalog and manage your library or personal book collection and it is suitable for collections of all sizes and types.

* Add and edit books manually or using web services,
* Sort and organise your books by author, series or reading status,
* Search your books with free-form text searching and links,
* Keep track of books that you want to read with the wish list.

Whats New in version 1.63:
* New Features:
* Added star ratings for books,
* Added support for proxy servers.
* Bug Fixes and Changes:
* Added all countries to the list in the Edit Author dialog box,
* Fixed printed report breaking when the description didnt fit on a single page,
* The book number field is now searchable,
* Continued improvements when running under 120dpi (mostly the navigation bar),
* Added a right click menu item to duplicate a book,
* Added a right click menu item to duplicate a wish list book,
* ISBN details are now correctly transferred when ordering a book from the wish list,
* Added a Wish List button to the bottom navigation toolbar,
* Minor improvements to the Import CSV functionality,
* ISBN & Category from Wish List now able to be exported,
* Display now refreshes correctly after running the Data Management Wizard,
* Fixed status bar drop down menus appearing in an incorrect location,
* Minor other bug fixes, interface and maintenance changes.

* Displaying Books
bookTome can display books in a number of ways. You can view books by author, series or category, as well as by the reading status. Books in the current view can be displayed in a detailed grid or using thumbnails. Once selecting a book, all of its information is displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can also bring up additional information about the author of the book.
* Adding Books
Adding new books to your library is easy. Using the web services feature, much of the information can be downloaded directly from Amazon. The rest of the information can be added in an easy to use dialog that includes auto complete functionality. The history of all changes you make to a book is also stored. You can also assign tags to describe and categorize each book and rate each book once you have read it.
* Searching Books
Finding books can be done in multiple ways. You can search through all fields or a specific field using the quick search box at the top of the screen, or a detailed search in the search mode. You can either search for specific text or for blank values. Alternatively, while viewing a book you can right click on most fields to search for that value. The Wish List also supports searching.
* Wish List
You can also keep track of books that you want to get in the future, and follow them through all of the applicable stages, including unreleased, available, ordered and shipped. You can also keep track of their category and ISBN's. You can then easily add them into your database once you have brought them.
* Printing
Full printing support is now also available within bookTome. You can print the full details of a particular book, a list of the books in the current view, and also the current Wish List view, after previewing the report that is generated. The reports can also be saved to a PDF file.
* Data Management & Web Exporting
bookTome includes a Data Management Wizard that allows for importing data from other programs, exporting data to other programs and creating a website based on the contents of your database. Users can customize the web export templates or create new templates to match the layout of their existing website.
* Settings, Backups & Other Features
bookTome is fully customisable and configurable. It includes automatic data backups, crash reporting, database import & export, website creation, database management and statistics - including information on the authors and categories in your database.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this application software.

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