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IAW ECU Scan Download
Free Download IAW ECU Scan Beta

IAW ECU Scan is a diagnostic application Marelli-Weber ECUs. This is the IAW ECU Scan project ("iaw-scan")

This project was registered on SourceForge.net on Mar 22, 2010, and is described by the project team as follows:

Diagnostic application for Magneti-Marelli/Weber-Marelli IAW-8F/16F/18F ECUs written in C# for .NET 2.0

The main goal of this project was to create a complete diagnostic solution, comparable to factory tester, for the Magneti-Marelli IAW-8F/16F/18F ECU based cars.

Program supports a wide range of older (pre 1998) small FIAT cars with singlepoint and full-group multipoint fuel injection (SPI/MPI), some of the supported cars are:
1. Cinquecento ("500") 900
2. Cinquecento ("500") 1.1 (Sporting)
3. Seicento ("600") 1.1 SPI
4. Punto 55
5. Punto 60
6. Punto 75
7. and other...

IAW ECU Scan Features:
1. Support for the popular VAG-COM KKL USB interface (with FIAT 3-pin adapter)
2. Live Data read out from Marelli IAW-8F/16F/18F ECU (ECM)
3. Error Codes read out from Marelli IAW-8F/16F/18F ECU (ECM)
4. Error Codes cancellation on Marelli IAW-8F/16F/18F ECU (ECM)
5. Active Components Testing on Marelli IAW-8F/16F/18F ECU (ECM)

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this application software.

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