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Zultrax Download
Free Download Zultrax 4.43

Zultrax is a peer-to-peer file sharing program that allows you to find, download and share files, using the Gnutella and Zultrax network. It offers encryption and enhanced privacy protection for all data that is exchanged, as well as advanced search options. It offers a set of basic features, including download management and file filters. Zultrax P2P - Free file sharing program
Zultrax is a file sharing program. You can download and use Zultrax for free. With Zultrax P2P you can share any kind of files with millions of users around the world and download files shared by others. Zultrax makes file sharing fast, easy and secure.

Zultrax P2P offers a stable, clean program that is easy to use, works fast and does a lot to protect your privacy.

Enjoy sharing and downloading free files with Zultrax P2P!

Clean installation
We also have relatives and friends who regularly call us to invite us for a visit and "may be you can also have a look at our computer because it is acting strange lately". Often the spyware remover helps already a lot.

People tend to download and install a lot of s**t from the Internet. With Zultrax P2P we guarantee you that installing Zultrax P2P will not harm your computer.

The installation of Zultrax P2P is as clean as it possibly can be. First of all because we come without adware or spyware, we come without nothing. Just Zultrax P2P and nothing else.

Zultrax P2P also does not require changes in your settings or registry, we do not need extra DLL's, VBX's or other stuff.

And of course Zultrax P2P comes with a decent uninstaller. You can remove Zultrax P2P any time with no problems.

Encryption in ZEPP
On the Zepp network we use encryption for secure file sharing. Communication for both exchanging information and exchanging files is encrypted. As are the storage of data on your disk and in the memory.

Encryption is one of the privacy protection features of Zultrax P2P. It helps in avoiding others to detect what you are doing.

Be aware that the Gnutella protocol does not have encryption. Gnutella has no features to hide what you are doing.

The Zultrax P2P encryption does its work without you having to do something.

In our view encryption is just a first level of security. ZEPP and Zultrax P2P contain quite a few more advanced protection mechanisms. Not all of them are documented on this web site because in cases of security it is not always good to tell what you are doing.

We think encryption makes file sharing more secure. You don't want people looking over your shoulder, writing down what you are doing. However, remember, that although we go far to give you privacy protection on the ZEPP network, there are no guarantees.

Falsification is one of the stronger privacy protection mechanisms in Zultrax P2P. It only works under ZEPP and is not used on the Gnutella protocol.

We try to keep unwanted visitors off our network. Everyone visiting the network with another goal as sharing or downloading information is an unwanted visitor.

That unwanted visitor might be interested in what you are sharing, searching or downloading. Falsification makes sure that if he already manages to get some information it will be of not much value.

Big Brother might be watching but we use some concept Big Brother is rather familiar with himself: Not telling the truth.

Whenever Zultrax P2P is exchanging information about who is sharing what it manipulates that information: 2% of it is not true. This small percentage of garbage has no real influence on the performance of Zultrax P2P although it is even for Zultrax P2P itself not possible to see the difference between true and false information.

Intruder fighting
Zultrax P2P connects with other nodes. On the ZEPP network the other side is also using Zultrax P2P because Zultrax P2P is the only program using this network.

Intruder fighting means that Zultrax P2P checks if the program on the other side is also Zultrax P2P. If not it is an intruder and measurements will be taken.

Privacy protection
We want to make file sharing anonymous. With the ZEPP protocol Zultrax P2P introduces a way of sharing and downloading files in which your privacy is protected.

Be aware that we do NOT guarantee or promise you a total privacy. All measurements we take to protect you are technical and can be hacked. We just give them a damned hard time.

Most of those who want to spy on what you are doing have commercial means by that. Making it hard to spy on you is making it expensive and that is a point on which they are truly sensitive . . ..

The proxy is a privacy protection feature on the ZEPP network. Due to the proxy files sometimes get downloaded from other nodes than the node where the file actually is.

User A downloads a file from user B. However, user B doesn't have that file, he just operates as the proxy getting the file from user C and passing it on to user A.

Behind encryption, falsification, swarming and the other privacy protection features the proxy is the final wall protecting your privacy. When someone downloads a file he has no idea where that file is coming from. As it should be.

And, when he finds out where it is coming from that says nothing. The node sending the file can actually have the file or just be a proxy. There is no way of telling.

A file that is hidden behind a proxy is not shared also directly. The file either goes by a proxy or goes directly. Zultrax P2P makes that choice and even the owner of the file cannot see if the file is being taken directly or by a proxy.

Silent processing

Zultrax P2P always has a lot of work to do. Making connections, processing search results, calculating swarming strategies, etc, etc.

Zultrax P2P could demand a lot of the resources of your computer, especially of your processor and your Internet connection. You would not like that, you want to run Zultrax P2P on the background while still doing other work on your machine.

Silent processing means that Zultrax P2P takes only resources when you do not need them for other activities. So, your computer stays working and responding fast when you are busy but Zultrax P2P takes a lot of processor time when you are not.

Is your machine doing nothing? Zultrax P2P takes more of the capacity of your CPU. Are you very busy with your machine? Zultrax P2P will not take more than 5%.

You use Zultrax P2P for file sharing : sharing and downloading files. For what downloads are concerned: The speed can never be too fast.

Swarming is the process of teaming multiple downloaders of the same file together, to work towards the common goal of completing the file. Also the uploaders are a part of the swarm.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file sharing software.

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