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  • Date: Apr 03, 2010
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    File Sharing
StrongDC++ Download
Free Download StrongDC++ 2.41

StrongDC++ is a client for sharing files in Direct Connect network. It is modification of program DC++ and it brings many news and features from other modification. Since DC++ is developed under GNU/GPL, you can download source and modify it.
StrongDC++ Features:
Safe segmented downloading - Download one file from more users simultaneously without corruption! This way of downloading can dramatically improve download speed, especially for fast connections. Segment position ans size are decided by file size and download speed
Partial file sharing - Allow downloading and uploading parts of file which is being currently downloaded by you or other users. This increases download speed and file expanding over network.
Download/Upload speed limiter - Avoids a full line usage to leave some speed for web browsing. Realise, that download speed limit is dependent on upload speed limit which is dependent on amount of opened slots/hubs.
Automatic slow downloads disconnecting - Disconnect sources which speed is under certain value for certain time. If download speed during segmented downloading goes too low, the source is disconnected regardless the set value to avoid unnecessary slot usage.
Customization - You can set sounds according to situation, change color scheme or icons, show popup balloons, see emoticons and many more...
Whats New in version 2.2:
* added some other libraries which could cause crash
* fixed that Windows subfolders were shared
* fixed problems with disabled segmented downloads
* fixed remote exploit (THX Fartman)
* whole folder can be downloaded without downloading whole filelist
* added "Browse filelist" to userlist/transferlist default actions
* fixed usercommands in PM tab context menu
* updated bzip2
* fixed some problems with returning search results (DC++ BZR)
* some fixes to chat formatting
* fixed some crashes
* implemented Quick Search function (ApexDC++)
* fixed finished items total size
* added option to place usercommands outside of submenu
* bars positions and sizes are saved
* search interval is hub dependent
* upload slots settings has its own page
* ADL search is done via regexp
* fixed partial file sharing
* added option to set maximum auto-opened slots (old Kulmegils patch)
* implemented some tweaks to hash progress dialog (old Kulmegils patch)
* fixed memory leak in network settings (ApexDC++)
* fixes for partial file sharing
* added support for encrypted NMDC transfers
* implemented new clients detection system (THX adrian_007)
* added temporary fix to avoid spamming ports 80 and 2501

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this file sharing software.

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