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  • Date: Jun 09, 2011
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    Image Watermark
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Bulk image copyright / watermark software. Now you can use this handy and easy-to-use application to add the watermarks you want to multiple files at once.
You can protect your files from being stolen and distributed with just a couple mouse clicks.
Yaarii Features:
1. Batch/Bulk mode: Protect a photo group of any size at a time.
2. Protect photo independent of their format - Visual Watermark will process them all.
3. Position watermarks in a convenient layout style user interface
4. Create watermarks in text
5. Watermarks Fonts and colors can be adjusted
6. Watermarks automatically get placed on the basis of layout, irrespective of photo dimensions.
7. Watermarked photos are stored separately and thus it doesnt hamper the original photos.
8. Size of Large Digital Camera captured photos are automatically lowered without effecting dimensions or quality.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this image watermark software.

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