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  • Date: Mar 17, 2010
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    Image Watermark
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Watermark Master enables you to add a variety of watermarks to your videos or image files. It supports text an image watermarks, as well as blur areas, animated watermarks, audio and more. The program also supports basic video processing features such as color adjustments, grayscale conversion, sharpening and others. You can add multiple watermarks to a video and place them on the timeline so that they appear in different parts of the video. In addition to video watermarking, the program also supports standard image watermarks. Watermark Master can process single files or entire folders of videos (or images) and automatically convert the output to a variety of formats. The program is optimized for batch processing and can add watermarks to entire folders or a selection of files at once. Other features include folder watching and an optional wizard interface.

Creation of watermarks.
Watermark Master enables adding watermark to a movie (to its every frame) or a graphics file. As a watermark one can use:Text, Image, Animated GIF, Video clip, Rectangle/Ellipse
1, Dynamic effects
Watermark Master enables to apply one or more dynamic effects to a watemark. A dynamic effect implies variation of the watermark in time. One of the simplest examples is smooth appearance or disappearance of a watermark.
2, Dynamic watermarks
Watermark Master enables to create dynamic watermarks, that is watermarks that alter with the lapse of time. In addition to videos and animated GIFs, a watermark of one more kind can be created - creeping line. It represents text string that slides along the frame at preset speed.
3, Blurring areas of an image
Watermark Master provides ability to blur any area of a video frame or graphics file. One can assign blur strength and blur effect display time to a blur area.
4, Removing static objects from an image
Watermark Master enables to remove static objects from a video frame or graphics file. At that the removed pixels are compensated with the pixels adjacent to the removed object.
This feature is applicable for removing logos, codec artefacts and other unwanted objects. 3 operating modes are available for this filter: search and fill (compensation) of a static object inside the specified area, fill of the specified area by a selected color and complete fill of the specified area.
5, Remote file processing
Watermark Master supports hidden processing of files. To perform any operations with files there is no need to start the main application. It's enough to copy all files to some folder, specify file mask (to filter files to be processed or, on the contrary, excluded from the process), enable processing of subfolders and creation of log file (where all performed operations and errors will be registered) in case of need, select one of preset configuration files and that's all.
6, Conversion of videos and images
Watermark Master provides ability to convert videos and images from one format into another.
All parameters of encoding - frame rate, bitrate, aspect ratio and others - can be preset. The program allows to resize image, apply filters to correct appearance of every frame, use external video codecs (DivX, Xvid and others) for video compression.
For creation of WMV files, the program includes a broad set of parameters including "two-pass encoding" feature that enables to produce more qualitative image. Ability to create videos that contain multiple video streams of different bitrate is included as well.
7, Creation of thumbnails
The program enables creation of thumbnails for video clips and graphics files. Thumbnails can be created in any quantity. For videos one can create thumbnails out of the first frame, extract frames regularly (by setting time intervals) or extract a rigorously defined number of equidistant (by time) frames. Distance between frames is calculated as duration of a processed file divided by the specified number of frames. Names of the produced thumbnails can be set in special way or depend on the name of a processed file.
8, Video editor functions
Watermark Master includes a broad set of tools for video editing. With Watermark Master one can extract the necessary scenes from videos, remove the needless scenes from videos, apply the Crop filter (create video file based on a part of every frame of an original video).
9, Processing of DVDs
Watermark Master can handle DVDs as well as VOB and IFO files. The program allows to parse solitary VOB files, extract chapters from them and save chapters as separate files or join them into a single file.
10, Adding subtitles
Watermark Master enables to put subtitles onto a video film. As the source one can use DVD subtitles or SRT files.
For DVD subtitles one can preset color, rotation angle, transparency; dynamic effects can be applied to them as well. For subtitles taken from SRT files it is possible to preset all properties and apply all effects that can be preset and applied to a text watermark.
11, Player
Watermark Master can play all kinds of video files and DVDs as well as display graphics files. Besides, the application includes ability to preview results before encoding.
12, Extra features
The program includes Wizard that helps to use it in full measure without special knowledge and study of the program itself. Wizard provides access to all main functions of the application.
Watermark Master allows to control file encoding process: when in use, the process can be paused, hidden in system tray or terminated.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $74.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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