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  • Version: 3.1
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    Behaviour Brain Research
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  • Date: Apr 17, 2013
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WinTG Download
Free Download WinTG 3.1

WinTG is freeware (free of charge) computer program for creating computer based tests (exams).

Are you a lecturer or a student? Do you need to prepare examinations for your students? Or maybe you are a researcher who would like to create some exams for practising or research? Would you like to create your own exams, tests or quizzes?

If any of the answers to previous questions is "yes", then this computer program is maybe for you.

Free design and create your own tests, quizzes and exams with WinTG.

This program can independently calculate the results of the exam (test, quiz). This is achieved by using variables and formulas that should define a person who creates the exam.

The WinTG program allows you to create text questions that can be of unlimited length. Number of questions in the exam is unlimited. Each question can have an unlimited number of responses (answers). The length of each individual answers in the test is up to 255 characters.

Answers to questions in the test are mutually independent, but in case they are the same it can be cloned, which significantly shortens the time of the creation of new exams. Together with the test it is possible to define up to 254 data fields that keep the information specific to your exam.
You can define an unlimited number of variables in the test.

As previously stated, variables are used to calculate the results of the exam (test, quiz). The variables are calculated by using a formula that you need to "write" yourself. The formulas can be defined very fast and easy with the mouse ("drag and drop") or you can write formulas using conventional text editor. Formula text editor can be used for complex calculations in the test. Program has a large number of logic, mathematical and statistical functions that serve the calculation of complex formulas. For this purpose, the program uses Foreval (FORmulary EVALuator) compiler - the compiler of the mathematical expressions (formulas) given by strings types.
All variables in the test are mutually independent, but if the variables (formulas) have the same logical patterns, the variables (like answers and questions) can be cloned, which significantly shortens the time of the creation of new exams.

For each exam you can create a personal user account (username and password) and define the authorizations for each user.
With WinTG program it is possible to define a large number of settings in the test, the behavior of the keyboard as well as the appearance of forms with which to conduct examinations. The program has its own module to save (export) the exam results to external files in different file formats.

Help file is included with application. You can start the help file by clicking on each "Help" button or by pressing the F1 keyboard button (only on certain screens). You can not run a help file on the form for testing and the main application form.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this application software.

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