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  • Date: Jan 07, 2007
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WinHIIP is a program that allows access to internal hard disk drives which have been connected via USB-to-IDE WinHIIP is a PC application used to install PS2 CD/DVD images onto a hard disk drive for use by HDLoader or one of its many derivatives including the greatly enhanced Toxic OS produced for the DMS4 Pro chip by Team Toxic.

This program is a PS2 hard drive manager for Windows which allows you to format the drive, add/remove image(s), change the "mode" settings and apply any necessary patch(s) to the game(s) you'll be using.

The primary reason for creating the application was to speed up the process of installing images onto the hard drive as installing these from the console could take up to 30 minutes where as on the PC this can be done in a couple of minutes.
The hard disk drive currently has to be physically connected to your PC for the software to work. The speed is dependant on your connection method & windows configuration, it can be as slow as 1Mb/s using USB1, 12Mb/s using USB2 and up to 40Mb/s using IDE.

Writing game Image(s) to IDE Hard Drives
Using a hard drive to store your homebrew and legal backups of your own original games is by far the best way to go. Not only do you not have to patch the image(s), but they also load a lot faster - that is if you're using a v3-v11 Sony PS2 (the big ones). If you're using the new v12-v15 (small) ones you're limited to using a USB Hard Drive which has lower transfer speeds. These lower speeds are due to the fact that the PS2's USB ports are v1.1 not v2.0.
1. First you'll want to load WinHIIP. You'll be presented with a blank screen.
2. Next under "Select Drive" select the Hard Drive you wish to turn into a PS2 hard drive.
3. Once you've selected the drive the option to format it is aviaible. Select that option.
4. Leave the settings are they are and click on "okay".
5. WinHIIP will now format the drive.
6. Now you have a PS2 formatted drive.
7. Next pick "Add Images" and select the image(s) you wish to install. Once you've done this a list of them will come up. Click on "Start" and it will write the image(s) to your PS2 formatted hard drive.
8. When it's done you can select an image using the check box and click on "edit" to edit the game's name and the HDLoader mode you wish to use. Modes are required for some games to work. Most games are compatible from the get go, but there will be a few you will need to set the compatibility mode for.
9. Another option you have in WinHIIP to the ability to apply a PPF patch to the image. Some games require a patch to boot from a hard drive. Final Fantasy XII is a prime example of this as you'll need to patch it before you can actually play the game.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this cd utility software.

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