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  • Date: Dec 30, 2006
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CDmage Download
Free Download CDmage 1.2.1 Beta 5

CDmage is a software utility, which performs different tasks with a common CD image files on your harddrive. The most-wanted being: scanning, repairing and extracting.

1. Image scanning
A: It checks sectors against corruption. There are rules defined by ISO standards, which must be followed by each sector of the CD. Other programs can perform similar checks as well, namely well known BINChunker and Fireburner. CDmage displays all corrupted sectors along with a description of each error found.
2. Image errors
CDmage can repair image errors, but not all errors can be repaired. CDmage uses a similar mechanism for repair as CD writer/reader does. It uses Error Correction Code fields (ECCP&ECCQ) of the sectors.

Safety of repairing corrupted sectors with CDmage
The repairing of corrupted sectors is 100% safe if corruption isn't intentional. Repaired sector is exactly like it's original. Please note than not all image errors should be repaired. There are intentinal errors which are part of some copy protection schemes. Some CD ripping apps (CloneCD, BlindRead...) let you make working copy of your legally owned software. If copied software is copy protected, then it's image files can contain intentional corruptions. Repairing of them would cause a non-working copy when burned.

How do I convert a BIN/CUE to a MPEG2 file?
* Use CDMage or Virtual Daemon and open the CUE file and extract the .mpg file that you find in the folder MPEG2(or MPEGAV) to the harddrive.

How do I convert or extract a CIF,ISO(Easy CD, Iauthor), NRG(Nero), C2D(WinOnCD) Image?
You use Cdmage, open the cd image and extract it to files or convert it to a BIN/CUE that you can burn or mount.

* support for Mode1/2048, Mode1/2352, Mode2/2336, Mode2/2352, Mode2/2056, CDI/2352, CDI/2336, CD+G/2448, Audio/2352 tracks
* support for multisession images.
* supported CD image file types: CDRWin/Fireburner: CUE, BIN, ISO
* BINChunker: ISO, TAO, MM2, PCM Nero Burning ROM: NRG (both DAO and TAO image types version and above) CloneCD: CCD, IMG VirtualCD: FCD (uncompressed containers only) Farstone Virtual Drive: VCD (uncompressed containers only) BlindRead/BlindWrite: BWT, BWI DiscJuggler: CDI (both 2.x and 3.x versions) Gear Pro: RDB, MD1, XA NTI CD-Copy: CDP
* NTI CD-Maker 2000: NCD Prassi CD Rep Plus: GCD Cequadrat Winoncd: C2D
* Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.x: CIF, ISO other: WAV (44.1 kHz 16 bit stereo only) view filesystem of any session (not only last)
* display LBA of any file/folder in the filesystem
* extract and convert tracks into any compatible supported format
* extract files from data audio tracks
* compare files with files burned on the cd or with files on the hd
* scan checkable tracks or sector range for corruption (all CDRWin, Nero, CloneCD, BlindRead, DiscJuggler, Gear, NTI CD-Copy, Prassi, Winoncd and Creator images)
* change LBA of the data tracks
* change volume label and other CD identification data of any session
* repair of corrupted sectors (all CDRWin, Nero, CloneCD, BlindRead, DiscJuggler, Gear, NTI CD-Copy, Prassi, Winoncd and Creator images)
* rebuild of fields of corrupted sectors - ECC/EDC regen (all CDRWin, Nero, CloneCD, BlindRead, DiscJuggler, Gear, NTI CD-Copy, Prassi, Winoncd and Creator images)
* locate content of corrupted sectors
* play audio and CD+G tracks direct from all image files without extracting while scanning, repairing, locating errors sector browser with sector field highlighting displaying of total disc time and overburn time for both 74 and 80 min cds.
* El Torito standard support (bootable cds), extraction of boot record (multiple-boot images are supported)

New in the beta version 1.02.1 B5:
1. Added support for new format of .bwt images (BlindRead
2. Added option for disabling splash during startup
3. Added "Extract" option to tree view context menu
4. Rewamped find/compare commands. Results don't appear in separate windows, but in the "logs" (inside CDmage)
5. Added ability to import "M" flag files (VideoCD, PSX etc.)
6. Added option for importing of sector range (import to LBA)
7. Added support for new format of .nrg images (Nero
8. Minor changes in progress bar behaviour (when extracting tracks it shows overall progress instead of track progress)
9. Recent files in File menu remember their 'open as read-only' setting
10. Imported file doesn't need to be exact size as in the image. It is either truncated or padded to fit the

Changes in the beta version 1.02.1 B4:
1. Added support for new format of the WinOnCD 3.8 c2d images.
2. Added support for new format of the DiscJuggler 3.00.780 cdi images
3. Added support for new format of the Easy CD Creator 5.00 cif and iso images
4. Added support for new format of the Nero 5.5.x.x nrg images
5. Added support for I-Auhor VCD and SVCD cif images
6. Added support for Fireburner images (tracks with subcode info)
7. Added CD meter a la WinOnCD
8. Added support for double-byte-character languages (full Unicode support)
9. File extraction preserves folder timestamps (WinNT/2k only)
10. Compare function now compares folder timestamps too(WinNT/2k only)
11. Added option to change the buffer size for audio playback.
12. Replace any file in the image with file from the HD (with the same size)!!!
13. Open-as-readonly option preservers its state
14. Added ablity to ignore invalid characters when modifying ISO/Joliet descriptors
15. Changed shape of the Options dialog (wide instead of tall)
16. Swapped LBA and Size columns
17. Bind left&right volume checkbox preserves its state
18. Save any image as BIN/CUE
19. Lots of little improvements and enhancements
20. Bugfixes

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this cd utility software.

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