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  • Date: Nov 26, 2010
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WhopSee Download
Free Download WhopSee 2.7

WhopSee is a CD player with online CD database support. This means that when a CD is put into the CDROM, WhopSee will try to connect to an online CD database over the internet and ask for information about the content of the CD. This information is than shown in the skinnable GUI. More information about the GUI is given in the interface section.

The WhopSee interface has three display modes between which can be switched by clicking the up arrow in the title bar or simply by double clicking on the titlebar. An extra part of the interface is in the systray, from which some control over WhopSee is possible.

Some information to go with this skin :
The eyes of the different characters are the controls (Marge: Play & Stop; Homer: Previous & Next; Barney: Rew & FFwd; Bart: Eject & Close; Lisa: Minimize & Mode).
The 'Matt Groening' text is the volume control. You'll have to click on the black text to move it.

WhopSee can play a CD in three different playback modes : the Normal Playorder, the Random Playorder and a Custom Playlist. To change the playback order, click on 'Edit Playorder' at the bottom of the Track List

Skins for WhopSee can be generated with SkinGenerator, a program that is included in the WhopSee Setup. This program will generate a WhopSee Compressed Skin (.Wcs) file.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this cd utility software.

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