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WMF2Viewer Download
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View WMF files with this tool. WMF2Viewer package contains a Java application and a Java applet to display Windows Metafiles (WMF). The WMF can be displayed resolution independend in any specified size. WMF2Viewer is based on the JDK 1.2 (especially the Java2D API) and can therefore display almost all WMFs correctly. In addition the WMF2Viewer is able to displays Windows Bitmapfiles (BMP) as well.

The WMFViewer displays only 16Bit WMFs, not 32Bit enhanced WMFs. A WMF consists of a header and a list of GDI commands. The GDI command areas which are supported with no limitations:
1. Line thickness and styles
2. Fill patterns (hatch, bitmap)
3. Bitmaps
4. ROPs
5. Polygon fill modes
6. Drawing of shapes and text (including rotated fonts)
7. Intersection, exclusion and offset of clip regions

Some of the GDI commands are very Windows specific and can not be rendered with the Java 2D API, which is the basis for this viewer. Therefore very few of the WMFs can not be displayed properly.

Please Note: this program is free for non-commercial use only.

* Java

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this office suite software.

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