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  • Date: Oct 20, 2006
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VobSub Download
Free Download VobSub 2.23

VobSub is a plug-in for VirtualDub that allows you to rip subtitles from DVD VOB files and to use the provided DirectShow filter for DivX playback with subtitles.

Package also contains other tools like SubResync which allows you to synchronize subtitles with your video file.

VOBSUB is a filter for Media Player that can load subtitles (ssa, sub, srt, vobsub, ...) into movies being played.

VobSub will works with ALL video players.

There are two kinds of subtitle formats which the vobsub package can deal with:
1. vobsub ripped: idx/sub[/rar]
2. textual: srt, sub, psb, smi, ssa, ass

Textual formats:
* Can't remember which format belongs to which ripper, so I just dump here a few samples from each.
* No support for multi-language SMI.
* There is an option to override the predefined "Default" style when opening srt, sub, ... using an additional file placed next to the subtitles (like somesub.srt and somesub.srt.style). It must use the format of ssa or ass and should only contain the style definition part without any dialogue lines. To have some hint how this is done, try to modify the default parameters of some .srt in subresync and re-save it.

* Watch out, the smallest syntax error and your file will be rejected!
* If a line is too long then it will be word-wrapped using {q0}.
* [...] means that whatever is there it will be skipped (except subviewer's style modifers).

* microdvd: input
* sami: input, partial:
* ssa/ass: input/output

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this codec pack software.

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