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  • Date: May 24, 2010
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Cedocida is an open source Video for Windows (VfW) DV-Type2-Codec.

1. supported formats for in- and output: RGB, YUY2, YV12 (DV / MPEG2-I / MPEG2-P)
2. direct YV12 input/output without color shift, interpolation or conversion when using "YV12 (DV)" option
3. optional forcing of selected input and output format
4. settings for picture quality and compression methods

Description of selected settings:
force input format
If enabled, the encoder/decoder only accepts the selected format for input/output. This could result in an error message if the used application does not support this format.
When disabled, the selected format is only the primary suggestion for the application that uses this codec.

*YV12 chroma sampling
The YV12 format is a planar YUV color format with 4:2:0 subsampling. The position of the chroma samples differs with the compression standard using it.
Using the first option (DV), the pixel data is directly feed to or from the the compression algorithm without color shift, interpolation or conversion.
For (MPEG 2 non interlaced) and (MPEG 2 non interlaced) the data is preprocessed or postprocessed in order to match the given color sampling positions.
Some remarks on "YV12 (DV)" input/output option in combination with NTSC video:
Because NTSC DV uses 4:1:1 subsampling type, you will see weird color when viewed with a normal YV12 program which assumes 4:2:0. This is no bug. If you need YV12 format for producing DVD content, use the option "YV12 (MPEG 2 *)".

DCT 2-4-8 mode selection
In principle: if absolute pixel-value-difference between pixel (x,y) and pixel (x,y+1) is greater then <threshold> a counter is increased. If this counter value (after analyzing 6x8 pixel differences) is greater then <counts> the DV-specific 2-4-8 Discrete Cosine Transform is used, otherwise the normal 8-8 DCT.
Please have a look at the DV-Standard (IEC 61834-2). This affects image quality.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this codec pack software.

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