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  • Date: Aug 12, 2010
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The Unscrambler X (a GenX suite of products) represents the single largest redesign of CAMO Software's flagship product The Unscrambler.

1. Flexibility to organise your data & analyse into projects, licensing options, customization of The Unscrambler with plugin options.

2. Adaptable to the needs of the many different scientific disciplines through the incorporation of application specific plug-ins. Incorporate. The Unscrambler models into 3rd party applications.

3. Support vector machine classification and L-PLS, the classical hierarchical cluster analysis and linear discriminant analysis, which widen our scope to metabolomics, sensometrics and process monitoring.

Design and Analysis is quickly becoming a crucial component of research, vital to creating, improving, and expanding product lines. Adaptive enterprises produce more products in less time, and at less cost. Their research is strategic and well executed. Results are generated efficiently and communicated effectively to get the product to market faster.

Visualizing complex data in an easy to understand format is a key way of speeding up product development and making better products. The right methods are a catalyst that promote teamwork and multiply product throughput.

Consider all of the data you collect and the process of analyzing that data, making conclusions, and moving on to the next phase of a project. Moving from research to analysis, and then to presentation and decision-making can be a lengthy and detailed process.

The Unscrambler solves these challenges and allows for new levels of production. World-class statistical analysis with award-winning point-and-click visual capability provide the tools needed to translate multivariate relationships into graphical displays.

The Unscrambler can be installed directly on your desktop, or as a network application.

Empowers users with the analytical tools required to unscramble data and create innovative solutions. Experiments can be designed, analyzed, and interpreted with one statistical package.

It combines statistical analysis techniques and "multivariate mapping" for easier data interpretation. Users will access The Unscrambler and effortlessly perform powerful statistical analyses while easily communicating results to colleagues.

1. Editor - data management tool
2. Viewer - graphical interface
3. Statistical Analyses - menu driven
4. Designer - design of experiments
5. Desktop or network installation

1. Exploratory Analysis
* Principal Components Analysis
* Descriptive Statistics
2. Multivariate Regression Analysis
* Partial Least Squares Regression
* Principal Components Regression
* Multiple Linear Regression
3. Prediction and Validation
4. Classification (SIMCA)
5. Experimental Design
* Fractional and Factorial
* Placket-Burmann and Box Behnken
* Central Composite
* Classical Mixture Designs
* D-optimal designs
* Response Surface Analysis

1. Easy to interpret results
2. Less time spent doing data analysis
3. Compare products, brands, and samples

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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