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Text Searchable Tiff images Download
Free Download Text Searchable Tiff images 3.0

Text Searchable Tiff images can help you to create searchable tiff images in a batch mode. If you have Office XP and Office 2003 you can create Text Searchable Tiff images for Free. Microsoft's Document Imaging is a component of Microsoft's Office XP Suite that allows for the creation of Text Searchable Tiff images. Although it is included with Office XP and Office 2003 it does not automatically install as part of the basic installation. This is an important feature that many people are not aware of and it can be used with a copier that has a scan option.

Text Searchable Tiff images are just what the name implies (an image that is searchable) and they work seamlessly with the search engine that comes with Windows XP. This allows a user to search for a word in a scanned image, once the image file is found the user can use the find feature just like they do in other Microsoft Applications to go directly to the page that contains the word. Text Searchable Tiffs are very similar to text searchable PDF files in that you can search for words in a document, copy and paste the text into different applications and always view the image of the document.

Text searchable Tiff images have to be created in one of two ways. The document has to be brought into the PC using Microsoft's Document Scanning utility. This utility will scan the document into the PC and automatically create the text searchable file. Since it uses a TWAIN driver it is compatible with many copier's TWAIN scanning option. However, it has no batch scanning capability or batch processing capability. Therefore, you cannot just push images to a file folder and have them automatically converted into Text Searchable Tiff images. The other way to create a text searchable tiff image is to open it in Microsoft's Document Imaging run the OCR option run and save the file.

* Microsoft Office installed

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $99.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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