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SwiftNet Download
Free Download SwiftNet 1.0

SwiftNet cyber cafe timer Client. SwiftNet is the perfect cyber cafe monitoring application you want to have managing your cafe. It comes with lots of useful features that are easy to use and make managing cyber cafes a lot easier and less time consuming. From easy monitoring and managing of clients activities to creating tickets and printing usage/access reports of individual clients remotely.

SwiftNet Timer Features:
1. Easy connecting of client systems to the server.
2. Create, manage and print tickets quickly and easily.
3. Manage and monitor clients activities remotely.
4. Supports more than 100 client computers.
5. Quickly print activity reports, usage reports, logs and much more.
6. Send and Receive messages to and from clients.
7. Send and receive file to and from clients

Full Features:
1. Configuration and settings
SwiftNet is very flexible, and so you can configure it to suite your needs. You can change so many settings as you wish.

2. Fast Tickets/Voucher Generation
SwiftNet's Ticket/Voucher generation is very fast, it takes less than about five seconds(5) to generate 500 tickets.

3. Send/Receive Files
You can send and or receive files from clients. This comes to play when you need to send scanned pictures or other documents to your clients.

4. Send and receive Messages
You can send and receive messages from your clients. Clients not logged in can also send messages for any suitable reason.

5. Opened Programs on clients
You can monitor/get the list of opened programs on any clients machine from the server at the click of a button. This can help you know what your clients are doing.

6. Customizable Tickets Generation
SwiftNet's Ticket/Voucher generation is very flexible and can be used for a wade range of varieties of tickets/vouchers. You can Generate tickets containing over 1000minutes for long time customers.

7. Screen shots
From the server, you can within seconds, view the screen of clients computers to get an idea of what they are doing with your systems.

8. Printer Monitor
SwiftNet server comes with a printer monitor that monitors and logs all printing done on clients computers. You can immediately see who's printing, the document name, and how many pages is been printed.

9. Time Update.
SwiftNet Updates your system with the most recent time from time server around the world. it does this once a day. it also updates the time of clients computes.

10. Operators
You can add/Edit/Delete/Update operators as you necessary, and you can also add access level to each operators account to restrict accessible areas in both client and server.

Client Computers
1. Design and Ease of Use
SwiftNet client has been designed to be user friendly, flexible and intuitive. The interface can be fully customized.

2. Built in Accounts System
All client computers have built in Operator/Admin access. Even when the client are not connected, you can login as an Operator/Admin to troubleshoot problems.

3. Sending and Receiving messages
You can send messages from all clients computers, connected to the server, and vice-versa.

4. Adding of Tickets/vouchers
SwiftNet Clients can add tickets/vouchers to their existing logged in tickets/Vouchers. If the ticket been added is not empty, valid and has not expired.

5. Remote Control
Customers can be remotely logged into a machine or logged off just as easily. Computers can be remotely shutdown and rebooted. At the end of a day, all machines connected to SwiftNet Server can be shutdown with a click of the mouse.

6. Hide Task bar
The standard Windows Task bar can be hidden if you require. This can be a useful security measure.

7. Desktop Icons
You can hide/un-hide the desktop if you don't want clients to have access to it for any security reason, or as you deem fit.

8. CTRL-ALT-DEL Protection
SwiftNet Client uses a low level system extension that completely disables CTRL-ALT-DEL. This prevents access to the Task Manager and other Administrative areas.

9. Low Resource Usage
SwiftNet Client has been designed and written to use minimal resources. This helps prevent large memory consumption.

10. Low Time Warning
When a customer's time is running out, the time count down bar flashes in red, and also makes beeps alerting the customer of low time.

11. History Cleaner
SwiftNet clients cleans internet history if enabled in the server software. This can be useful for protecting customer browsing history.

12. Temporary Files
SwiftNet clients also cleans the windows temporary folders and cache entries as an added step to protect customer browsing history.

1. General
All activity within SwiftNet Server is logged. This includes all time tickets usage, allocation.de-allocation of time, new tickets generation, machine logon, logoff,shutdown timer for the use of the cafe management.

2. End of Day Report
SwiftNet Server includes daily reports that can be printed within seconds. This reports can be useful to track progress/sales.

3. Operators
All operators activities are logged, even that of the administrator for record and security reasons. You can print this reports specifying date and time intervals.

4. PrintOuts
You can print reports of printed documents throughout the day. The report includes the documents name, the machine name, that the total copies printed.

Settings and Options

1. Server Security
The Server software can be password protected with different configurable staff levels. This allows you to restrict what your staff can do.

2. Crash Recovery
The SwiftNet has been designed with crash recovery in mind. If the Server software or the machine it's running on becomes reset for any reason, it will automatically recover any corrupted files..

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $15.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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