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Stock Aides is a stock charting, analysis, and information retrieval software for Windows. It uses freely available historical and intraday quotes from the Internet as its data sources. It can be used for stocks, ETFs, and market indices. The charting feature includes daily, weekly, and monthly price and volume charts with various technical indicators. The analysis feature consists of three different parts - General and statistic analyzer, Volume (support resistance) analyzer, and Pivot point (support resistance) analyzer. The information retrieval tool displays company profile, earning and revenue estimations, fundamental data, and news links.

The Professional Edition of Stock Aides lets you do charting and technical analysis on industry group indices the same way as individual stocks. In addition, Stock Aides Pro includes a unique feature called reference charting. Reference charting allows you to display chart and perform analysis on any stock with its price and volume adjusted relatively to a reference base. The reference base can be the industry index of the stock, a broad market index, or any other stock. This feature allows you to analyze the performance of a stock relative to another stock or a group of stocks.

The industry group index data come from the DAI (Dynamic Allocation Index) published by Timing Laboratories LLC. These DAI data are market cap weighted indices based on over 3000 US stocks from 215 categories. The allocation of stocks within each industry group gets adjusted everyday to reflect the dynamic performance of components in the group. The DAI data are calculated on Timing Laboratories LLC's DAI server everyday after market close, and the data get delivered to the Stock Aides Pro software on demand using the Web Service technology. For more information about the DAI please visit Timing Laboratories LLC's web site.

Stock Aides Pro is provided on a subscription basis. Due to the limited bandwidth of the delivery channel, In the pilot stage this service is available to selected professional groups and institutional investors only. Depends on the market reaction, this service may be extended to a wider audience in the future.

Stock Aides features:

.Daily, weekly, monthly price and volume chart.
.Four moving average overlays on price chart with custom range and selection for simple or exponential calculation methods.
.One moving average overlay on volume chart.
.Industry group index charting and analysis.
.Reference charting displays and analyzes stocks with respect to another stock or a group of stocks.
.Stochastic, RSI, ADX, and MACD technical indicators with adjustable parameters.
.Trend lines tracking tool.
.General analysis for interpreting results from technical indicators.
.Statistic analysis provides calculations such as historical volatilities, percentage of up and down days, etc.
.Volume analysis derives support resistance levels based on trading volumes.
.Pivot points analysis derives support resistance levels based on pivot points.
.Charting and analysis can be used on stocks, ETFs, and market indices.
.Use freely available historical and intraday quotes from the Internet.
.Displays profile, fundamental data, revenue and earning estimation data, and news links.
.Allows getting data in Batch Mode for off-line viewing.
.Allows saving of graphic images and data.
.Industry group index data provided by Timing Laboratories' DAI (Dynamic Allocation Index) server. Indices are market capitalization weighted and dynamically repositioned on a daily basis.

The license of this software is Commercial,

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