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  • Date: May 12, 2010
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Personal Stock Streamer is an advanced tool for the individual investor that includes real time streaming quotes for all US markets, multiple realtime streaming charts with technical analysis indicators, a complete transaction register, a complete portfolio manager that recalculates the value of your holdings in realtime, ability to send alerts to pager or email based on conditions you set, currency converter relative to any currency you specify; capital gains, asset allocation and transaction reports; data exchange with Quicken, Microsoft Money and Metastock; drag and drop of live updating tickers into Microsoft Excel; user-defined asset classes; drag and drop Internet bookmarks; and a plug-in software development kit for third-party add-ons.
Major Features (or, what you can do with the software):
* Integrated Trading
Place live orders and receive trade confirmations for stocks, ETFs, options when using a supported brokerage partner.
* Edit and request to cancel open orders.
* Easily move filled orders to the transaction register.
* Manage multiple trading accounts simultaneously, each in its own tab.
* Portfolio management
* Keep track of buys and sells, dividends, dividend reinvestments, splits, etc.
* See the current value of your portfolio; the software dynamically calculates it as data arrives.
* See up-to-the-minute reports on realized and unrealized capital gains.
* Save your complete transaction history for analysis and reports.
* Streaming quotes and charts
* Get tick-by-tick real-time or delayed quotes right on your desktop.
* Get option chains for any ticker. (When supported by the data source.)
* Create intraday and historical charts to let you see trends and analyze stocks; the charts update in real time.
* Add any number of more than two dozen popular technical indicators to your charts.
* Draw support and resistance lines on the main chart and indicators.
* Add fibonacci retracements to any line with a single click.
* Create multiple independent chart profiles, each with its own settings and indicators.
* View daily, weekly, and monthly historical charts.
* View 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60-minute intraday charts.
* Link charts together; when you change the ticker on one linked chart, it updates all of the linked chart with that ticker.
* Zoom down to 1-hour intervals with simple drag and drop, and scroll the zoomed chart to see more detail.
* Create multiple resizeable charts.
* Add custom indicators through extensions.

News headlines:
* Keep track of breaking news from around the world, right on your desktop.
* Easily add your own feeds from popular news sources such as the Wall Street Journal.
* Get news from financial newsletters and blogs that support the RSS or Atom formats.
* Exchange lists of feeds with other software.
* Create new feeds by dragging and dropping the feed links into the News window.
* Create bookmarks to articles through drag and drop.

Advanced alerts:
* Get immediate notification when your securities meet the conditions you set.
* Easily set alerts based on any field.
* Create complex alert conditions using simple expressions.
* Associate alerts with one of the many available actions, including the ability to send email alerts.
* Send alerts to your pager or cell phone using our NotePager Pro integration.
* CollabInvest(sm)
* CollabInvest(sm) lets you talk with peers, trainers, and groups in real time.
* Instant one-to-one and group communications.
* Private conference rooms.
* Easily share tickers and charts.
* Shared dynamic charts with annotations.
* Great for families, investment clubs, and online training.
* Reports
* Create capital gains and transaction reports.
* Create custom reports using extensions.
* Custom Columns
* Easily create custom columns in the Active Securities view.
* Memo columns can contain notes and comments.
* Calculated columns can contain a mathematical expression and can reference any other column.
* Multiple portfolios
* Create up to 100 portfolios per file, each with an unlimited number of folders and tickers.
* Create custom view settings for each portfolio.
* Scripting and Extensions
* Easily create small scripts and add-ons that add new functionality or extend existing functions.
* Customize the software for your personal requirements.
* Access your portfolio data and transactions from OLE-compatible applications such as Microsoft Excel.
* Create custom chart indicators, reports, and forms.
* Create custom event handlers and raise alerts.
* Call a script function as an alert action.
* Create custom columns and calculate their value completely within your script.
* Import and export to custom file formats.
* Store custom data for any ticker.
Use any of several easy-to-learn scripting languages, including VBScript, JScript, and Python.
* Scrolling ticker bar
See current securities prices scroll across the screen while you do your regular work.
* Tour Guide
See simple descriptions and demonstrations of major software functions.
* Bookmarks
Save links to research and articles.
* Currency Conversion
See the world currency table and select any currency as the base currency.
Use the currency converter to change any value between any two currencies.
* Import/Export
Exchange data with popular applications several popular formats.

User's Guide
Read our printer-ready user's guide, which is included with the software in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
Visit the screen shots page for a visual tour of many of these features.
Data Services:
Personal Stock Streamer currently includes direct support for the following data services. The services were chosen based on their quality and value.
Brokerage Partners - Individual investors can use the software for FREE and get FREE real-time streaming data and both historical and intraday back fill data when using select brokerage accounts. (more details)
DTN IQFeed - Real-time streaming service with 500 streaming tickers! Firewall-friendly. ( more details and pricing ) - Real-time and delayed streaming service, firewall-friendly. Chart data available back to 1968. (more details and pricing...)

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this stock software.

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