Spreadsheet Assistant for Microsoft Excel

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  • Date: Jul 12, 2011
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Spreadsheet Assistant for Microsoft Excel Download
Free Download Spreadsheet Assistant for Microsoft Excel 9.052

The Spreadsheet Assistant is designed to save you time in your use of Microsoft Excel by eliminating repetitious tasks and making Excel easier to use. The many new features the Spreadsheet Assistant adds will increase your productivity every time you are in Excel. The features will save you anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes each time you use them. You do not have to be an expert to use them.
The Spreadsheet Assistant also adds new menu items to the Excel Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, and Data menus. All the menu additions have a >> in front of them. It also adds new items to the pop up menus, which appear when you press the right mouse button. These pop up additions you will find very useful in your spreadsheet work.

1. Selecting or filling ranges without the screen moving
2. Perform any math action on a range of cells
3. Add moveable Sticky Notes anywhere in your worksheets for quick reminders
4. The new Assistant toolbar with great, easy to use features.
5. The Favorite Directories feature and Bookmark feature which lets you quickly access your favorite directories and files.
6. The Hide and Unhide Sheets
7. The Save or Close Multiple Files features found on the Spreadsheet Assistant toolbar or under Assistants, File menu. Instead of having to go to each individual file and save or close it, just run these features instead
8. The Pivot Table Assistants found under the Data Menu.
9. The set print area and titles features found under the Assistants, Print Menu.
10. The Rename and Delete Active File features found by selecting Assistants, File menu.

The license of this software is Update, you can free download and free use this spreadsheet software.

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