Mekko Chart Creator for Microsoft Excel

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  • Date: Jul 09, 2011
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Mekko Chart Creator for Microsoft Excel Download
Free Download Mekko Chart Creator for Microsoft Excel 3.02

A graph created using Mekko Chart Creator for Microsoft Excel allows one to see both differences in market share by product type and region, and the over all size of the different markets. One can insert values, labels, or both on individual data points or on the top or right side, in addition to the X and Y labels on the left and bottom.

This worksheet contains a set of exercises that will help you to learn to use this add-in. Before doing the exercises, it is best to print this worksheet so you have a reference while doing the exercises.

To create area mekko charts using the Mekko Chart Creator is simple: Just select the first or second option on the Mekko Chart Creator's main dialog, select your data, supply a title and destination, and your chart is created.
1. You only need to supply titles for the rows and columns that you wish to be titled. By not supply titles for small value rows or columns, the charts are less cluttered.
2. You can supply an range that has multiple rows and columns, has one row and multiple columns of data, or one column and multiple rows of data.
3. When you select your data for your Mekko chart, do not include totals

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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