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SpectraLayers Pro is an adcanced audio spectrum editor, it is an extraordinary audio editing platform that features unprecedented sound shaping capabilities combined with a truly unique workflow.

Audio is usually displayed as a waveform in most audio applications, which represents audio in the time domain (amplitude vs. time).
Spectral data represents sound in the frequency domain. You can think of it like a musical score: the higher the peaks, the higher the tones; the stronger the peaks, the stronger the tones. Everything can be analyzed with this representation: music, voice, even noise.

The layer system allows you to refine your work extensively in a nondestructive way. Most audio applications use additive tracks only, which is good for mixing various tracks together. In SpectraLayers, you also have substractive layers, which allows you to remove sound from your mix.

Processes and Tools
1. Processes work the same way they do in usual audio applications: you select an area, and the process is applied to the whole area.
2. The difference here is that you can select not only time but also frequency areas, so the process is only applied to a certain range of frequencies.
3. The processes are also different by nature, since they are designed to use spectral data instead of raw audio data, so the purpose and range is not the same as usual audio processes.
4. Tools work the same way the do in paint applications: they are local to the mouse position and allow you to work on specific frequencies.
5. Info tools give the user specific information about spectral data.
6. Extract tools are designed to make the frequency transfer easy from the mix to a specific layer, by semiautomatically helping the user.
7. Modify tools allow the user to retouch spectral data.
8. Draw tools generate spectral data from scratch.

A SpectraLayersproject file (.slp or .slx) saves the relevant information about your source media: file locations, layers, filters, and edit.
When you set up SpectraLayers as an editor, you can work in another DAW or sampler, move to SpectraLayers for fine edits, and then send the edited file back to your DAW or sampler.
Combining SpectraLayers with a powerful wave editor such as Sound Forge allows you to seamlessly blend the best elements of spectral editing and waveform editing into your workflow.

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