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  • Date: Apr 04, 2009
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NGWave Download
Free Download NGWave 4.4

NGWave is a fast Audio Editor for Windows, that features a unique wave display technology, full 32-Bit internal processing and fast editing. It supports unlimited Undo/Redo, many processing functions including normalizing, an Echo and Reverb processor and more. It also allows you to record any sound from your sound card and offers a built-in mixer to adjust input levels for the sound card currently in use. Additional features include a preview function and the ability for unrestricted zooming using your mouse wheel (or keyboard). The interface is completely customizable in color. NGWave can read and write MP3 files as well as standard WAV files (Codecs included).
NGWave offers a fast, pleasant visual representaion of your sound. With its high-speed editing capabilities and intuitive interface, NGWave is very powerful and easy to use.
NGWave supports all basic editing functions. Editing is extremely fast, and NGWave's integrated Multiple-Clip Clipboard lets you quickly Copy, Cut, and Paste between files. Unlike other editors, you can copy and paste between different file formats seamlessly -- NGWave will automatically convert sample rates, bit resolutions, and convert between mono and stereo on the fly.

NGWave's user interface is extremely powerful and easy to use. With full support for 5-button pointing devices, mouse-wheel zoom, and even support for the Griffin PowerMate and various MIDI controllers, you have loads of power to manipulate your audio easily.

Full unlimited Undo and Redo history, along with saved-sessions and true Crash Recovery let you work without worrying about damaging your data. With NGWave's Safe-Save features, you know that NGWave will never overwrite a file with bad data or corrupt existing files.

NGWave uses a revolutionary internal storage format that makes most edits lightening fast. While other editors often take massive amounts of time to do something as simple as deleting a bit of silence, NGWave doesn't break a sweat.

NGWave offers a full-range of advanced audio editing features:
* Support for WAV and MP3 files
* Full 24-Bit/192 kHz support
* Support for extremely large files
* Full MIDI Hardware Control
* Pleasant and intuitive interface
* Full Crash Recovery and Session Saving
* Realtime Preview on all processing functions
* Many exclusive recording features, such as:
* Integrated Metronome
* Built-In Audio Mixer
* Exclusive: Integrated Frequency Tuner
* Automatically correct DC Offset
* Realistic Analog VU metering
* Accurate LED VU and Time Display
* Many Advanced Program Options
* Saved Presets on All Processing Functions

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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