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  • Date: May 11, 2010
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    Video Surveillance
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Easily record video from webcam. Sector is a surveillance software that allows to detect motion and record video from webcam. It does not require any special setup and is ready to use immediatelly after installation.

Sector is a simple security DVR software solution, that allows to detect motion and record video from webcam or video capture device. Video files are compressed using XVID codec if it is possible, or stored as raw data. The file names includes date and time of detected motion and camera number.

1. Motion detection
All the changes registered by application on video are classified onto two categories: motion and noise. Classification parameters are adopted in the way that small lighting changes or camera shaking do not cause false alarms and at the same time any object movement is detected.

2. Video recording
Upon event detection (motion), application starts video recording, storing file to "My Documents/Sector/date_time.avi", that allows to easily navigate all registered activity and manage data. For smaller file size, Sector tries to encode captured stream by DivX video codec, so it is recommended to have it installed on your machine.

3. Multiple channels
Number of simultaneously opened streams is only limited by your hardware. Run several Sector instances if you need multiple channels support. Once started the application opens first found camera, second instance will open second camera - and so on.

4. Face detection
Application allows to perform face detection and start video recording when there is a person behind the camera. Such video files are dumped to My Documents/Sector/faces folder. If you are particularly interested in such events like person appearance, this feature is for you.

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The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this video surveillance software.

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