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  • Date: Dec 08, 2009
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CyeWeb Download
Free Download CyeWeb 2.3.5

CyeWeb is IP/CCTV video surveillance software with hybrid video/audio source support to IP camera(Axis, Panasonic, HikVision, AVTech), PCI/PCI-E based capture card, hardware compression card, USB-webcam, and Windows Media Streams, etc. It has strong network functions such as e-mail notification, build-in Web server, streaming server, and MMS Broadcast. It also has analytics features such as object tracking, counting, unauthorized parking detection. It has tagging system to automatically insert tags into triggered events, and offer you a rich playback interface for video searching and management. CyeWeb can connect up to 64 channels dual streams, support mega-pixels cammera, with frame rate from 5fps to 60fps, and pixel formats YV12 to RGB32. CyeWeb also has functions such as e-Map, POS, timeline playback, instant playback, remote playback, statistics graph, spot-screen, PTZ, scheduler, motion detect, de-interlace filter, mask filter, storage recycle and SDK for third-party integration.

CyeWeb is state-of-the-art software for video recording, webcast, content analysis, behavior detection and camera surveillance, and is designed for a wide range of scenarios, including home, general office, education, government, healthcare, banking, casino and hotel.
Based on a true extensible architecture. You will be able to build your own components for video capturing, content analysis, data filering, external devices and Internet broadcast on CyeWeb.

Support hybrid capture sources such as PCI/PCI-E capture card, USB-webcam, hardware compression card (e.g. HikVision), IP Camera (e.g. Axis, Panasonic, HikVision, Arecont Vision, etc), Windows Media stream (e.g. from IPTV), local video file, CyeWeb interconnection..., etc.
Strong networking with media stream redirecting, IE viewing, and Windows Media Broadcast to view live video with your PDA or smart phone.
Powerful and easy to use playback system: multi-playback, timeline-playback, and instant playback.
Very advanced transact (PoS) monitoring system.
Capture activity at till with multiple cameras.
Alarm immediately on abnormal transaction.
Search back transact-activity with just a few keywords.

Intelligent video content analysis such as counting objects, detecting suspicious objects, loitering persons, illegal parking, etc.
Powerful tagging system to automatically insert tags to alarm events, offering you a very simple but efficient way to search and manage videos.
Workable analytics on acceptable price.

CyeWeb Key Features:
* Hybrid video and audio source support
Support PCI/PCI-E capture card, USB-webcam, hardware compression card ( HikVision compression card ), IP Camera (Axis, Panasonic, D-Link, HikVision, ACti, AVTech, Arecont Vision, Samsung , etc), Windows Media stream, local video file, remote connecting to other CyeWeb , etc.
* Video Content Analysis
With video content analysis module for functions such as object counting, loitering object detection, illegally stopped object detection , etc

* Object Count Statistics Graph
* Transact (Pos)
Loss prevention to capture activities at the counters of supermarket, ATM, etc. You can define rules to alarm abnormal transactions such as high amount of refund or money withdrawal. Also you can search back transact-activities and playback the videos with just a few keywords. There is also POS SDK for third-party developer.

* Net Service and SDK
With Net Service and SDK, third-party developer can peek and inject events from and to CyeWeb, as well as inject POS transaction to CyeWeb over IP.

* Sophisticated e-Map system
Allow user to quickly locate camera and playback video anytime after an event occurred.

* Tagging system
Automatically insert tags into events (such as motion detection, object counted , etc.). The tag can be used for video searching. Tag can also be manually added or removed at any position into a video file

* Support dual streams IP cameras/DVS/compression cards
Allows user to concurrently retrieve 2 streams from dual streams camera/DVS/Compression card, probably one for live view and one for storage/broadcast. (For example, CIF/15fps stream for live view to reduce decoding requirement, and 4CIF/30fps stream for storage.)

* Audio support
Perfect video/audio synchronization on local storage and remote broadcast. Support audio preview.

* Build-in Http Web Server
Support connection to CyeWeb and viewing live videos with Microsoft IE.

* Windows Media Broadcast
Support Windows Media live video and audio Broadcast. Others can view your video remotely with a Windows Media Player or VLC player on PDA or smart phone.

* Scalable and distributing deployment for IP solution
Real-time Video and audio can be efficiently shared and re-directed among CyeWeb from different locations with site book.

* Event Forwarding over IP
Events, such as Motion Detection or other Analytics, can be forward to other instances of CyeWeb over IP.

* Support screen division template
User can define their screen division template, which makes showing 32 or 64 channels in one single monitor possible.

* Timeline playback
User can access recorded videos with a 24-hour (down to second) time-line and date control. All video/audio from different channels can be played synchronously in negative and positive speed.

* Instant Playback
Popup playback window with a click on the preview video. Playback video and position is set automatically to the time when the click occurs.

* Multiple and Timeline Playback over IP
Users can remotely playback/ search/edit/delete/export video and tag.

* Export Video to ASF
* Record and/or broadcast video on events
* Video window popup on events

* Support PTZ control
Control camera's Pan, Tilt, Zoom , etc

* Provide video filters such as timestamp, de-interlace, region masking , etc

* User Account Management
User name and password protection to remote connection or local access (such as delete or export a video, change system settings , etc) to your system

* Import and export settings
* Simple and powerful scheduler
* With just 2 schedule items, you can schedule almost everything
* Support up to 64 channels
Support mega-pixels camera, frame rate up to 60 fps, and various types of pixel format (I420, IYUV, RGB32 , etc)
* Spot-screen support
For viewing alarmed channel in a single large monitor.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $75.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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