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  • Date: Sep 05, 2012
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ScreenTwin Download
Free Download ScreenTwin 1.0.120131

ScreenTwin can broadcasts your PC screen to any other computer in the network, a program that captures video from the specified screen area and audio from the specified PC audio device, encodes the data into MPEG-1 format, multiplexes the encoded streams into MPEG-1 System Stream, and saves the stream to file or broadcasts it to network clients via UDP protocol. The program demonstrates capabilities of new generation of the Elecard Low Delay components providing the highest data processing speed.

ScreenTwin Features:
1. Video capturing from full screen
2. Video capturing from the specified screen area
3. Audio capturing from the specified audio device
4. Network broadcasting of the captured data
5. Saving of the captured data to file

Elecard ScreenTwin Components
1. Elecard MPEG-1
Video Encoder DirectShow filter for video encoding into MPEG-1 (ISO/IEC 11172-2) streams.

2. Elecard MPEG Audio Encoder
DirectShow filter for audio encoding into MPEG streams.

3. Elecard NWRenderer
DirectShow filter for broadcasting media data to the network. It is capable of sending RTP, UDP and TCP packets and supports the announcement of its data session via SAP (SDP) packets.

4. Elecard MPEG
Multiplexer DirectShow filter that provides the MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS) or MPEG-2 Program Stream (PS) generation.

5. Elecard Desktop
Capture DirectShow filter that provides capturing of the specified screen area.

6. Elecard Sink Filter
DirectShow filter that dumps a stream to a file. It supports the indexing of the MPEG-2 VES and MPEG-2 PS and splitting the encoded file into parts of a predefined size.

To preview the captured video, it is recommended to use the Elecard MPEG Player (MPEG-1) program. This multimedia player provides the most compatibility with the ScreenTwin program.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this digital video recorder software.

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