Argus Surveillance DVR

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  • Date: Dec 25, 2008
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    Digital Video Recorder
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Argus Surveillance DVR Download
Free Download Argus Surveillance DVR 4.0

Argus Surveillance DVR has been designed as universal software for security hybrid platforms working simultaneously with wireless and wired IP cameras, TV-boards, capture cards, power-line, and USB cameras. It has web interface with the same look and functionality on the local and remote computers.

Users watch MPEG-4 coded video and have full control of the program through network that surveillance computer can be operated with no monitor, keyboard, and mouse connected.

Programs modular structure significantly increases reliability because all modules act as independent applications. If one module fails, other modules continue running. For example if the "capture" module freezes, "watchdog" restarts it immediately that viewers dont notice anything because they are watching video using a "playback" module.

Argus Surveillance DVR performs "cyclic" recording that the "disk full" situation never occurs. The recording can be non-stop or it can be activated by motion, audio activity, sensor, or by schedule. Has pre-alarm and post-alarm recording. Playing back recorded video is pretty simple and performs on the surveillance computer as well as on remote computer through Web interface.

Argus Surveillance DVR performs synchronized video playback for event analysis from multiple cameras simultaneously. Also recorded data can be searched by date, time or by sensor event. All recorded data can be encrypted and password protected.

Argus Surveillance DVR Features:
Supports 1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 8x8, 16x16... etc. simultaneous camera viewing formats (unlimited number of cameras on the screen).
Scheduled or continuous video recording.
Activate recording upon motion detection. User may select specific areas of coverage to be recorded.
The following tasks can be triggered upon motion detection: sending captured images by e-mail, sound alarm, recording video.
Remote monitoring cameras and playing-back recorded video through Internet.
Zoom-in / zoom-out function on the camera view.
All images are time/date stamped.
Pan / Tilt / Zoom functions with supported PTZ cameras.
Hybrid platform that works simultaneously with Wireless Cameras, Analog Cameras, Powerline Cameras, USB Cameras, IP Cameras, Frame Grabbers and TV Boards.
Configurable each camera's name, video quality, video resolution, brightness, and contrast
Multi-level password protection that only authorized users allowed to access.
The program can be configured to run as Windows service that the program starts automatically at system boot and executes even when no user is logged on to the system.
Automatically resumes viewing and recording after system reboot
"Cyclic" recording which is recyclable overriding of hard disk space and the "disk full" situation never occurs
Synchronized video playback for event analysis from multiple cameras simultaneously
Query recorded data by date, time & events
Time & date stamping on video playback
Print snapshots of recorded video
Full Control and Customization through Network (surveillance computer can be operated with no monitor and keyboard connected)
The program provides excellent compression quality that 40G hard drive stores two weeks of continuous recording and few months of motion recording.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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